23 July 2007

The N---- Mindset...

I used to post my thoughts several times a week. I didn't care what people thought about 'em, I thought 'em, I wrote 'em, I loved 'em. If something crossed my mind, I went like a mad man to my laptop.
Then I added a little counter to my blog and I was tickled that I got 10 or 12 hits a day. And after that I added this cool little global hit tracker code on my blog and I was blown away by folks reading my blog from all over the world. Then I REALLY started noticing these two counters... my daily hits went from a few, to a few dozen, to a few hundred everyday. I watched as my blog hits rocketed out of the hundreds and tens of thousands and flew past the 20, and 25 thousand hit mark and folks from all across Europe and Africa and Asia and the Middle East and The Americas started reading my stuff and I suddenly got full of myself. Don't get me wrong - I'm blessed and humbled by the readership on my blog, but I started to get worried about who might get offended, and who might not like what I say, and I started thinking harder and harder about what I should write and I started taking days and days to pick 'just the right subject'. Then I started feeling like I wasn't being true to myself and the things that caught my attention, I think I got kinda' big headed, like I had betrayed the guy that started this blog.
Then I happened past a great blog called "Write For Life" which is run by one of my favorite bloggers - MIZREPRESENT. And she had a quote from someone that read in effect, "it's better to write for yourself and have no audience, than it is to write for an audience and have no self." That has stayed with me, and here I am.
going for self...
Recently, the NAACP had a big funeral service for The N-word. I thought that was a nice thing to do, seeing that I personally hate the damn word! I always think that the NAACP needs to do more things to regain its position of promenance in the Black community, and I thought this was a decent start. Burying the N-Word. Now this is probably only going to stop a tiny handful of Black folks from using the word, and frankly, those of us that are enlightened and intelligent enough to know that the word is a filthy, self loathing, shameful, pathetic, flaming hot brand on the spirit of our race... we've already buried it years ago.
But then you'll still have far far too many young Blacks that aren't smart or strong enough to eliminate the word from their vocabulary and mindset.
I was completely disgusted at the "Racsim & The N Word" forum a few days after the 'funeral' when rapper Da'Brat decided to argue down Dr. Cornell West over her usage and the rap industry's acceptance, need and embracing of the N word. She declared that when Blacks use the word, its softened and warmed up by spelling it Nigga (with an A) and not Nigger (with an ER). Personally, I'm so sick and tired of that lame justification for not having the intelligence or internal fortitude to change your attitude and mindset. It's pathetic!
To be honest, burying the N-word was cute... but what we need to do as a race, especially with certain members of Our Race, is eliminate the N - Mentality. The N Mindset! That is where the Real harm lies - in those men and women who are ego driven and only think of themselves. Who don't care about their children, their parents, or their very own legacy. Those men and women, who care nothing of law and order, nothing about respect for others, older people, younger people - no one! Those thugs and hoodlums who live only to steal, shoot, rob and kill. That N-Mindset is what we have to eliminate in our communities. That is the REAL problem!
I really say this today because a few days ago I went back to my hometown of Baltimore for a wedding. My poor town has truly fallen into a violent, poorly managed, poorly educated, drug haven of a city. It makes me sad. Anyway... I found myself heading west down a large street and I could hear what sounded like a lawnmower in the distance. The only problem was that it was getting louder very quickly as I approached a green light at a fairly busy intersection. When I was about 30 feet from the intersection, this man... a Black guy in his 20's or 30's wearing the standard issued white tank-top... came flying through the intersection on this huge ATV causing several cars to slam on their brakes. First - he ran a red light, Second - ATV's are against the law on Baltimore streets, Third - the intersection was very busy, and Fourth - I don't think he even slowed down to try and avoid causing an accident. It is this kind of ignorant, thoughtless, thugish, primative, egotistic behavior that makes the N-Mindset far worse than the N-Word alone. We have to get rid of both and we have to do it now and we have to use any means at our disposal. These fools are destroying our heritage, our ancestors legacy, our children's future and our current integrity.
A child asked, What is a nigger?
Dr. Cornel West replied, "He's a human being who is scared and without dignity."
And I agree.

12 July 2007

Priviledged Executive?

"...one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."
Powerful words.
Words - far too powerful for a country run by George Bush.
I've got this thing I do now when I see a picture of president Bush in the paper, or on TV - I look at him very hard and I try to catch the fear in his eyes. I know he's afraid. A lot of people know it. He's afraid that more and more people each day see his incompetence. He's afraid that everyday it becomes more apparent that he is in so far over his head that it borders on the insane.
For a man that claimed to bring integrity back to the White House along with family values, honor, truth and dignity - he has done nothing even close to that. He governs our nation with his fingers crossed behind his back, a wink when we're not looking and a smirk before he smiles. Oh yeah... and while he's doing all of this he's dissolving our civil liberties and personal privacy and somehow has the time to thumb his nose at the law and any form of accountability.
Now he's told two of his top aides to ignore congressional subpoenas to testify mere weeks after commuting the federally recommended prison time for fellow crook Scooter Libby. I think his rationale for that was, "Uh, I just didn't want Scooter in jail that long..."
The things this man does are absolutely stunning. And the poor, poor Dumocrats on Capital Hill are so weak, and so feable, and so easily pushed around. They can't do anything, I mean... after all they're just CONGRESS! America put the Democrats in control of the congress because FINALLY, we realized that 2000 was a scham and 2004 was a mistake, so THIS was our chance to get it right... to hold Bush accountable, to get this bottomless-pit of war over, to get our reputation back! And what have they done? Folded up and hid in the corner, only to come out when Bush needs someone slap and piss on. The Democrats on The Hill are useless.
I wish I could truly put in words how distraught I am over the crimes of George Bush. He and his crew of Merry Bandits has ruined our nation, its reputation and our neighbors impression of us around the world. Tony Blair's popularity dropped so low because of his blind loyalty to Bush that he had to quit his position. Pervez Musharraf is facing rebels and assassination attempts because he too has aligned himself with the Bush Crew. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, gives Bush public support albeit with a thin, nervous grin. And, frankly, Russia's Valdimir Putin looks like he wants to punch Bush right in the face every time he sees him.
I think the worst part of all of this is that there is nothing that can be done to punish Bush, to put him in check, to get him out of office, or to simply hold him to account on the things his administration has done. Our congress is inept and impotent and our Chief Executive is claiming... privilege.