04 March 2011

Republicans... again.

A lot of times I find myself saying, "America will never truly be great again." This upsets some people and they write me off by thinking that I'm just being grumpy.

Well, I AM grumpy a lot, but I'm not wrong.

As long as we have the current Democratic mindset at odds with the current Republican mindset, America will never be great again. I think Dems are too damn timid and too damn giving at the negotiations table and I think the Republicans are simply too worried about protecting the richest two percent of the country's citizens; too worried about keeping the fat cats on Wall Street happy; too worried about keeping their foot on the neck of everyday Americans; and too worried about spreading fear and ignorance in the furtherance of the previous three issues.

Today, the Republicans pushed hard to force Democrats into signing off of over $60,000,000,000.00 in Government spending cuts. Yet, most Republicans are war mongerers that desperately crave us to contract-out the majority of war operations at greater cost than paying our soldiers for the job. Republicans also want to keep massive tax breaks in place for the wealthiest corporations in our country, which keeps billions of dollars out of our Government's hands and they also crush any chance for economic growth by cutting down and cutting out thousands of programs designed to HELP Americans and HELP create jobs.

I think Republicans are evil. AHHHHHH, there I said it.

God that feels good.


AHHHHHHHHHHH, sounds like music to my ears. Feels like honey on my tongue.

I just don't respect Republicans. I can't, for the life of me, understand how a decent, compassionate, intelligent person would ever want to align themselves with a party that wants to oppress poor people and minorites, women and children, foreigners and Americans. A party that agressively seeks profits for the wealthiest companies in the world while ASSURING that these companies don't pay a dollar in taxes to AMERICA. I political party that demonizes gays and anyone that may be different what they think should be the norm. A party that uses spending cuts as a tool to make sure the hungry stay hungry, the poor stay lacking and the children get a less than stellar education. All the while they wave the American flag and scream, "We are Patriots."

They are liars.

Republicans are everything that America should never be. America will always be shy of greatness because of the petty, greedy, blood thirsty, evil, Republicans.

They need to be waving an upside-down flag.

America is in distress.