13 November 2006

A Message to Joe Gibbs

Dear Joe,

It's time to play Jason Campbell.

It's time to play Jason Campbell.
Sure, we all love you and respect you from our glory days. Your legend here in DC will live for generations. But now, Mr. Gibbs, you are killing us. You and Mark Brunell are killing us with your ineffective gameplay. He is slow and jittery and passes like a little girl. You, sir, seem to be in another world - shrugging your shoulders and scratching your head like you can't figure out what is going on.

It's time to play Jason Campbell.
See, at this point, nobody takes the Redskins seriously. You have a slow and immobile quarterback who cannot and will not run the ball. In the modern NFL you have fast QB's like Mike Vick and Steve McNair and you have big strong QB's like Culpepper, Peyton Manning, Brian Leftwich and then you have QB's that can really throw like Fauvre, Brees, McNabb, Manning, and Brady. These kinds of QB's keep defenses on their toes, because you have to be prepared for anything. A deep pass, a run, a screen, ascramble, a short pass, anything. Mark Brunell [God Bless him] he just doesn't bring the depth and the talent and the threat that you need to keep opponents on their heels. And, now Portis is out! You need to bench Brunell.

It's time to play Jason Campbell.
Lord, Joe! You traded three draft picks to get this Campbell kid. And now you won't play him!?!?! We all are wondering if you've lost your mind. You sell all your stocks to by a Porsche and yet you leave it in the garage so you can go tooling around town in your '81 LeBaron. You can no longer say that he isn't ready to play yet, the ONLY WAY HE WILL GET READY IS IF YOU PLAY HIM!!! If he is awful, it will show, but he can only get better. This guy is not fine wine Joe, he does NOT get better sitting in your basement aging. He needs to be on the field.

It's time to play Jason Campbell.
Frankly Joe, we all like loyalty. But this "Love Fest" you have going on with Mark Brunell is a smack in the face to all of us fans who cheer for the Redskins each week, EACH SEASON!!! We bleed burgundy and gold for God's sake!!! The Redskins ARE NOT YOURS!!! They are ours Joe! They are ours! They belong to the fans! You coaches come and go, the players come and go! But us fans - we stay forever! So, I don't care what you and Mark have to prove to each other. I don't know if you have seen one too many Hollywood movies where the old fart comes in and saves the day. But that is not for you and Mark to try and prove to each other! That is not fair to us fans! Your stubborness and almost flippant attitude towards benching Brunell are almost criminal. You owe the fans a winning team. You are slapping us fans and the rest of the Redskin players right in the face by refusing to put the best team possible on the field each Sunday.

Joe, I love you - But I'm afraid this game may have passed you and Brunell by. It is time play step aside and play Jason Campbell.



TDJ said...

Great post! I'm new to your spot, but I'll be back. I watched the game yesterday in sheer agony. Maybe, just maybe, Gibbs, Saunders and Bugel will have a meeting of the minds and get with the obvious - playing Campbell.

C. Mabry said...

Hey, you got your wish, huh?. And you made the big time (the Express)blogging it, too. Good looking out.

DatMF said...

Sup man....just wanted to express my agreement with your comments about the 'Skins.....and to also say i'm feelin' the blog.


da rattler said...

Yeah, i co-sign your sentiments as well.

Anonymous said...

I guess THAT didn't work, either, TTBM.

I guess I'll hold my comments, as I am a Giants fan.

JJ said...

I take offense to the "throw like a little girl" comment:-(

I've seen little girls throw better than Brunell these days!

Anonymous said...

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mark said...

Yo TBM you are correct in your analysis of the redskins. I was full disgusted by thier shenanigans.