20 December 2006

Cellular Annoyance!!!

Few things bother me as much as rude fools on their cell phones.

I took a final exam today in a controlled test room. On the door was a big sign that read "TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE" then inside the door was big sign that read "TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE." Then the woman that was at the sign in desk asked, "Do you have a cell phone? If you do, please turn it off now." Along the walls there were numerous signs with big pictures of cell phones that read, "EXAM ROOM - ALL CELLULAR PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF."

Okay, so an hour later I'm calculating the difference between FIFO and LIFO inventory management when... A FREAKIN' CELL PHONE STARTS RINGING!!!! And not just ringing, but blasting some vulgar rap song! The rude fool that didn't follow the easiest directions in the world had the nerve to take her time turning it off! How rude and stupid and thoughtless do you have to be to NOT turn off your cell phone in a TESTING ROOM. I can't even accept that she forgot about it. Like so many rude fools I come across on the subway and in the streets, that cell phone means more to her than respecting the people around her.

These ignorant people absolutely kill me. I have heard some of the most vulgar and insane conversations being shouted into cellphones on the subway, and in stores.

  • I've heard guys running down what they did and were gonna' do to women in the bedroom;
  • I've heard a mother cursing her lawyer out for not getting her child support payments reduced;
  • I've heard countless people carrying on the loudest conversations about absolutely nothing on their darn cell phones;
  • I've heard losers rehearsing their vulgar rap lyrics into their cellphones;
  • I was almost run over in a crosswalk by some dumb woman trying to talk on her cellphone with one hand while barely turning her stiring wheel with the other;
  • I was nearly run off the road a few weeks ago by a thoughtless clown running his lips on his cell phone on I-95.

Basically I'm fed up with this creepy love of the cell phone that so many people are showing! Folks walking around all day with these big wireless ear pieces on with the blinking lights looking like the freakin' Borg. It's all insanity to me!

I'm not knocking cell phones themselves - I think they are incredible devices and they make life very convenient. But the insane addiction that so many people have towards them gives me the willies. Some folks can't stand to be more than a few seconds away from that first ring; some folks can't exist for more than a few minutes before having to yack on the phone with ANYONE about the first little flicker of thought that enters their little pea brains; and some folks CAN'T EVEN TURN THEIR PHONE OFF FOR THREE HOURS IN A SILENT EXAM ROOM WITH 20 SIGNS THAT TELL THEM TO CUT THEM OFF!!!


Can anyone explain "Declining Balance Depreciation" in 30 words or less? Nevermind...



Anonymous said...

Please tell me they took the heffah out of the exam and disqualified her. Please tell me that...

My cell phone is a convenience and nothing more. I find no need to put my business in the streets nor blast obscene gangsta rap from it. People use their phones to make themselves look/sound important.

The Thinking Black Man said...


I'd luuuuuuuuuuuuv to tell you they dragged her out of the room! But nope - they didn't. There was no riot, no civil unrest, no flogging or anything cool like that... she just cut it off.

I'm with you! My cell is a convenience only! I probably use it 20 minutes a month - to order pizza or Chinese, to see if it's my turn to bring chips for poker night, or to call my buddies when Joe Madison - The Black Eagle - is laying down The Law!

I'm so underwhelmed by my phone, I have it set to ring like an old rotary phone! : )

Anonymous said...

Let's give TTBM some love!

Cel phones are the bane of my existance! When I drop my daughter at school on wednesdays, I wlk her to the door of the school, and when the bell rings, she goes inside. Invariably I will have to physically dodge being run down in the parking lot by some stupid woman blathering into her cel phone while trying to maneuver her minivan (or Escalade) with one hand!

Can't you people put the freakin' phone down for a minute?

I have a cel phone. It is convenient. I can tell someone I'm going to be late, or get informeation that I need, etc... butdamn, I don't really want to talk to most people that much.

Anonymous said...

The accident that broke two of my vertebrae was caused by some jackass who was too busy blathering on his cellphone to look at the road. I don't mind if someone answers their phone and they converse quietly for a few minutes, but to bring your 'bidness' out in the street for everyone's ears is unnecessary.

And I can't stand it when people get indignant when you ask them to lower their voices. That happened in a movie theater, some guy was on the phone and the other patrons asked him to quiet down. The way the man reacted was similar to a cranky four year old before nap time.

Native Son said...

Man I could not agree with you more. It is so annoying when people's cell phones go off in public, especially while you are eating out or in the movies. People have lost all respect for one another. When I was in grad school last year, my professor would not tolerate it at all, you better had swtiched your phone to vibrate before you entered her classroom. My cell phone is always on vibrate, you will never hear my phone go off.

and these people with music as their ringers really piss me the F@#$ off!! And most of the songs are vulgar and then instead of them hurrying up to answer the hpeon, they will let the song play while they look at the caller ID to see who is calling them; just answer the damn phone!!

And I really can't stand those people who have NEXTEL Phones. The walkie talkie feature is so annoying and 9 times out of 10 the people who are pagin them want nothing. We have to seat around and hear people asking: (beep) what's up (Beep), (beep) nothing chillin at the store (beep), (beep) oh for real? You coming through today (beep), (beep) yeah I am (beep). I hate that with a passion....lol Don't get me started... lol

DJ Black Adam said...

I feel you on this. How exatcly and when exactly did everyone become so damn important? I understand the need for a cell but the conversations I have heard a truly just, I don't know: "Couldn't this have waited until you were OFF the metra so we didn't have to know exactly when you had or didn't have a period"?

lol, people need to at least talk lower.

TDJ said...

lol @ dj black adam - "How exatcly and when exactly did everyone become so damn important?"

My cell phone is always off, usually with one battery bar in the bottom of my purse. It's for emergencies and the occassional "I'll be home in 20 minutes, do you need anything?" call.

Remember back in the day when you called someone and they weren't home? You just left a message and called them again later. Now, most people's immediate reaction is to call their cell.

Don't call me; I'll call you.

Anonymous said...

Cell phones-the gift, the curse. I just hate that ANYONE can get them now-so we get to hear idiots without a pot to piss in on their phones talking about nothing at all. It's highly irritating. It irritates the hayle out of me when some soccer mom is driving down the street talking about, again, absolutely nothing-meanwhile, she's about to cause permanent paralysis to somebody cause she can't drive her dang SUV or minivan. Seriously, I have about 300 minutes on my phone, and never use them all. I won't talk on my phone driving, even with an earpiece. Convos are only carried on at home, where nobody else will hear my biz but me. Anything else, you WILL wait until I decide to call you back!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I talk on my cell phone more and more all the time. I used to only have 300 minutes and would never use them all. Now I have 900 minutes and I'm struggling to not go over. Part of that is being in a long-distance relationship though. The phone is everything.

Also, I work crazy hours, so I talk to people whenever I get a chance. But I do try and be polite as possible. That experience in the exam room was insane. She should have been thrown out.

CreoleInDC said...

I was at the Metro once and this guy was on a TWO-WAY discussing how he didn't have any money but he had his piece with him so he was sure he could make something happen.

Me: WHADAHELZ???????????

I'm witcha as always!


The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey everyone!
I've been last minute Christmas shopping the last few days so me and Blogger have to get re-aquainted:

Hey Bro - thanks for the luv' - I'm with you. I'm not a big phone talker either. I'm like, "Hello. Yeah. Yup. later on. Seven. Alright peace!" There you go - 1 minute. : )

I hate people that get all rowdy too when you look at them or ask them to quiet down some. These nuts think YOU are in the wrong for trying to act sensible. One day, maybe I'll just stare at them and act like I REALLY want to hear what they're saying! That should screw 'em up pretty good!

I'm really sorry to hear about your back. Lord - I bet that was awful!!! They probably got away without a scratch!

NATIVE SON GRRRRRRRR! I want to shoot the person that invented those Nextel walkie-talkie phones! GARBLE GARBLE GARBLE (BEEP) Huh?! What?! (BEEP) MUMBLE RAMBLE GARBLE (BEEP) Huh?! What?! (BEEP)

All I can say is why? Why do you need to be sitting on the subway using your walkie talkie? Again, GRRRRRR.

DJ BLACK ADAM Yeah, exactly! The people that do speak in low tones are probably the ones with the most needed converstations. It seems to be only the loud screwballz that are talking non-sense. You never hear a parent trying to comfort a sick child loudly on a cell phone. You never hear someone trying to conduct a meeting on a cell phone.


mmafan said...

I have and love having my cell as well, but I don't feel the need to have it constantly pressed to my ear. If I do talk, I try to use it where there are few if any people. I really wish more and more restaurants would ban phones in the dining room, as it's really annoying to hear someone talk about any and everything when you are trying to have a pleasant meal.

My,My..How did we survive 15-20 years ago before these things, lol!

Angie said...

Ha! I overheard this dude talking to a creditor saying he'd just gotten out of jail and that's why he hadn't paid his bill on time...AND how surprised he was that the creditor had been able to get through since he thought his cell phone was cut off because that bill hadn't been paid either, lol.

I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

off the subject, but I'm going to assume you were taking the CPA exam.....how was it?