07 January 2007

BUSHwacked... still

With Saddam Hussein slowly rotting away in a grave in Tikrit, I can't help but think that deep down George Bush suddenly doesn't care about too much else. He's gotten what he wanted.

I always have AND always will believe that the second gulf war was the most costly vendetta in world history. I think George Bush saw a man that he could beat and a country he could pillage of its oil wealth. I think George W. Bush had no real plan for making America better and could think of nothing creative to make his mark on history aside from being "A Wartime President."

This is why over three years after we went into Iraq, we are still there, still dying, and still pumping more fresh American blood into an Iraqi civil war, from which we STILL have no exit strategy. George Bush was so blindly and stupidly exicted to get our troops, the finest fighters in the world, into Baghdad to capture and/or kill Saddam Hussein - that he sent them in with nothing short of a one-way ticket.

When I first heard his pre-war quote about Saddam Hussein, when he said, "He tried to kill my Daddy..." I knew we as a nation were doomed in this war effort. And we are. We will be at 5000 killed by Summertime and so many more Americans will be grieving and trying to put their broken lives back together thanks to a President that is narrow-minded and short sighted.

This is all not to mention, or overlook, the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi's that have died and will die in this ruthless and bloodthirsty civil war that we seem so hell bend on standing in the middle of. At some point, our strategy needs to be stand aside and let the Sunni's and the Shia' fight until the bloodlust, hatred and anger is out of their systems. That is awful and that is barbaric, but that is the way it must be. We must let Iraqi go the way it must go - be it good or be it bad. It's like pushing a car in neutral down a hill... once it gets rolling, you have to just let it go where it has to go.

Meanwhile, America's truest enemy - OSAMA BIN LADEN - is sitting up in a village in northern Pakistan surrounded by family and friends drinking goat's milk and eating like an Arabian Prince in exile. I haven't heard the name Osama uttered from President Bush's lips in well over a year. Bush said it himself, "I just don't think about him [Bin Laden] that much..." I think Bush was trying to sound flippant when he said that - like he wasn't pressed about him... but he needs to be. He needs to make sure that we don't forget about Osama, he needs to remind the world that you can't spill American blood in American streets and just walk away.

But what am I talking about... that would sound like a REAL president wouldn't it?


CreoleInDC said...

"He tried to kill my daddy." George W. Bush

That should be put on his headstone as it's the first thing I think of EVERYTIME I HEAR OF ANOTHER OF OUR BRAVE SOLDIERS DYING. It makes me so mad I could SPIT!

This whole war...everything about it...is because of that sentence right there and I always wonder how he sleeps cuz I know I couldn't knowing I got all of those people killed trying to take care of a vendetta.

Anonymous said...

I lost 2 very close friends in this war (and one was the sole living parent of two toddlers), and it makes me sick to know they died because "He tried to kill my daddy".

I feel less safe since this war began, and sometimes I'm ashamed to admit that I'm American because our president is such a dimwit.

Anonymous said...

GWB is an embarassment to the American people, pure and simple. When he first ran, I was amazed that folks could even consider voting for this man, one whose only major political experience was serving as governor of Texas for six years (and he didn't do that great of a job, either). Well, now the rest of the country knows what we in Texas did...the man only ran because he wanted to avenge his daddy. He could give two flips about the service people who continue to die needlessly. And it is only by the grace of God that our country hasn't been attacked more seriously considering how vulnerable our military is right now.

DJ Black Adam said...

Nice post. I have been pondering the reasons why we are in this war. I believe that there are some real sinister motives, and that the American people will be stunned and shocked when the truth is made manifest.

Anonymous said...

You spoke the truth. I cannot even believe that he is now talking about sending twenty thousand more troops over to Iraq. This is just madness. I don't know if I can stomach watching him do the State of the Union.

CreoleInDC said...

Hmmmm...sorry...just HAD to say this...

I'll NEVER be ashamed to "admit" I'm an American. That statement just stuck in my craw...sorry.

I am an American and I am PROUD to be an American. I've traveled abroad enough to know that even when it's bad here...and I'm using the word bad VERY liberally...IT'S STILL BETTER THAN EVERYWHERE ELSE.

This is my country and I love it and have served it. If our liberty were ever threatened again...I'd serve again without preamble. I LOVE MY DAMN COUNTRY and I hope NO ONE ever gets that twisted.

My apologies baby brother for mucking up your comments. But I got annoyed.

KJ said...

Very well written TTBM, my opinion is the same as yours. I feel America has lost alot due to Pres. Bush being in office, for the sole purpose of avenging his father. It's hard for me to even articulate my dispair over this war, and the lost lives of American Soliders.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey everybody!

What's upCREOLE SISTA"? I actually found out how he sleeps at night! I'm reading "State of Denial" by Bob Woodward, and he recounts how George W. considers himself a "Gut President" as opposed to a "Book President." In his feeble little mind he's following his guts and his instincts instead of following lessons of history. For him - it's whatever he can do that doesn't require much thinking. WHAT A NIM-ROD!!!

Hey there TASHA! I'm very sorry about the loss of your friends. This war is so long and so vast that I can't think of one person that doesn't know someone that is, was or will be in harms way over there because of W.

I too think that we are all - LESS SAFE, now. Iraq is a full fledged terrorist training ground now. I fully expect at some point, at least some of the strategies used [and perfected] over there will be used against Americans, right here in our streets. THANKS DUBBA-YA!!!

When W. first got in, him and his daddy's croanies pretty much stormed Florida and the White House and took the election and the presidency. When you have FOX news backing you and putting the phrase "President Elect" under your image, folks tend to believe it. America did. The second election though, was just utter insanity. I still can't figure that one out. It's a little funny now - but, I remember being under my kitchen sink on election night installing a new garbage disposal and when I heard that Bush was closing in on the needed electoral votes, I cursed and looked up quick and banged my head real hard. I've been rubbing my head every since!

DJ BLACK ADAM My brother! I agree 100%. I think the revenge and the oil are at the top right now, but history is going to show the real truth behind all this, and I'm confident that it is very sinister.

ANALI My Sista'! How are things going up in Mass.?!?! I didn't even watch his speech. I taped it so I could look at it when my head was right. It kills me to see so many lives just thrown into harms way in a misguided and eventually futile effort. My prayers stay with them and their familes.

You know CREOLE IN DC, I say that all the time too. I love America with all my heart. We live in the greatest country in the world and I wouldn't want to wake up anywhere else in the world tomorrow. Now - America ain't perfect, and she has her flaws... but you'll never find perfection, and America is still a fine lady!!!

Hey KJ Thank you for the compliment, and I'm glad we're all not alone in our dispair over this bottomless-pit-of-a-war Bushy has forced us into.

Sam said...

Shrub...I still can't get over the fact that he made it to office not once...but TWICE! Not only has he hijacked the government, but he's openly robbing the American public and using their hard-earned taxes to fuel his personal wars in several countries at the expense of American soldiers (I heard he wants to deploy 20,000+ more soldiers - more like sacrificial lambs).

And now by hitting Somalia, is he trying to catch Hollywood's attention for a new movie, Black Hawk Down II perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to clear something up because SOME people have taken my comments and run the wrong way with it.

I'm ashamed of our president and admitting that he runs my country. I love my country, but I hold in disgust the man who is supposed to be our fearless leader. I hate admitting that such a dimwit runs such a beautiful country.

And also, lemme just clear this up, creoleindc (yeah, I saw you called me out on your website)....I did leave America and live in another country, but I came back because a family member died and my family needed support. I plan on leaving again in a year. But, I still love my country even though it doesn't love me.

onefromphilly said...

He is absolutely convinced that you can win anything with might. He is not a student of History because history is littered with the Mighty who have fallen. He's an idiot and an embarassment. I pray for our young troops, i pray for this country, I pray that we will survive George Bush.
Street code requires you to retaliate against the man who tried to kill your father. The code of the streets is not acceptable for the leader of the free world. Especially using other people's children.

CreoleInDC said...

Um Tasha...if you have something you wish to say to me...you know where to find me.

Use your words Chica. That way further clarification is NEVER needed.

Live wherever you wish...just don't EVER forget where you came from.

Monica Mingo AKA CreoleInDC

CreoleInDC said...

ROFLMBAO at "the name change." *sigh*