16 May 2007

Why do you spell Czar with a "C"?

So, we have ourselves a new WAR CZAR in the Bush administration. YAY!

I couldn't help but wonder, as I heard this announcement yesterday, if this new CZAR, a chap named Douglas Lute... that's Lt. General Douglas Lute - to you and I, would be as effective as the DRUG CZARs that past presidents have appointed. We sure did get that drug thing licked, didn't we?

I also wondered what kind of man Doug Lute was. He certainly has to be brave of heart and stiff of lip, to be handed a job that will undoubtedly come with a bulls-eye the size of a manhole cover to wear on his back. I mean, as George Bush's illegal war continues to kill hundreds of US soldiers, and Marines, along with almost countless Iraqi Shi'a and Sunni civilians - someone is going to have to catch THE BLAME. Frankly, I think Bush got tired of hearing what a complete and utter debacle he's gotten our nation into, so he's now appointed a front man to deflect the criticism.

Enter, Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute.

Honestly, I feel for the guy. He's probably a fine man and a steadfast soldier. And probably the kind of man that could not refuse his commander-in-chief when called upon to step in harms way.

To me though, this new WAR CZAR, just shows again, that our great nation is being lead by a man that I would trust to boil an egg for me. It is down right criminal how George Bush has gotten away with the deaths of 100,000's of men, women and children in this unneeded, unjustified, unprovoked, unethical, underestimated and unthoughtout Iraqi war.

Thanks to Dubba'ya, I now have a whole series of words that raise my blood pressure!
  • Insurgent
  • Iraq
  • Car bomb
  • Terrorism
  • Republican
  • Baghdad
  • Triangle of Death
  • Condolezza
  • Cheney
  • Bush
  • Bush
  • Bush
  • Bush
  • Bush
  • Bush
  • and my ultimate pressure word - "SURGE"

I would have added CZAR, but the day is still young.

Surge, however, is my key pressure word lately, because it is the biggest joke this year when it comes to the war. Bush has this great strategy to put down the insurgency - JUST PILE MORE OF OUR FINE AMERICAN MEN AND WOMEN INTO THIS STEAMING CAULDRON AND THEY'LL STOP THE INSURGENTS. This is his STRATEGY! Give these bloodthirsty, angry, bitter, suicidal monsters even more of our troops to kill. Sure, we're gonna' take our share of insurgents with us, but still - more American families are going to be getting visits by grim faced military officials driving dark Government sedans.

My little advice to Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute - keep that upper lip stiff, be honest as possible, do all you can do to get our men and women the hell out of Iraq, and never ever - ever - hesitate to point the blame for this war and its inevitable failure, right square where it belongs - at the White House, and our commander-in-chief, George W. Bush.


Sexy Thought said...

Interesting take! I myself was concerned when I read an article on this topic today. However, i not just feared the increase in U.S. troops for a useless war we are bound to lose, I also wondered why we use the word czar to describe those we appoint to handle international problems. Do we believe that one general should rule a group of people, who are far away, an most importantly, who don't like us. Doesn't sound like a good strategy. i can just imagine someon in Afghanistan (and particularly considering that this is a former Soviet State) hearing the word czar used to describe the person taking over the handling of their unecessary war...hmm, no one likes to be ruled/controlled...afterall, wasn't our country founded and formed as a reaction against being ruled by monarchs, dictators, and even czars...just random thoughts that i hope made sense to you or anyone else reading this

CreoleInDC said...

I think it stands out just how many people said NO to the "opportunity" prior to the General saying yes. *sigh*

The state of our country right now hurts my heart and the worst hurt of all is always the one with no solution in sight.

B. Good said...

The "point" of this announcement still evades me. Hmmm, perhaps that IS the point. Another action taken by Bush that only suits himself, and does nothing for the nation. Blah.

Gunfighter said...

A couple of questions, TBM:

1. How the hell is a Lieutenant General (three stars) supposed to be responsible for the war in Iraq when the commander of American forces in Iraq is a full general (four stars)?

2. Isn't the Department of Defense, meaning the Secretary of Defense, supposed to be running our military? What happened to civillian oversight?


onefromphilly said...

In my opinion the Drug Czar should have been an ex-drug trafficer. Who else better would know the low down on how to move tons of drugs around the world?

So why isn't the War Czar and ex-Warlord, preferably of Middle Eastern descent? Who better would know the motivation and tactics of people who will kill 1000's of people they don't know in the name of "whatever"?

This is the way I think... But then again nobody over at 1600 asked me my opinion....

DJ Black Adam said...

The C is in "Czar" because the word comes from the word Ceasar.

(sorry, I'm just being a smarty pants today)

Anyway, I concur, it is an overused term for people who do nothing.

Anali said...

A very thought provoking post as usual. And I think creoleindc has it exactly right. He was the first one to say "yes."

Gunfighter said...

Actually DJBA, you are correct... Czar is the Russian form of Caesar... just as Kaiser is the same in German.

Monica H said...

I'd also have to add "progress".

the new thing is, he won't agree to a deadline but he's ok with setting "benchmarks" WTH?

I'm just soooo...??? I can't even think a word to describe how I feel.

My fiance has spent 3 of the last 5 years in that damn place. 05 was the wost for him.

And the fact of the matter is, there is no end in sight.

Gunfighter said...

By the way, General Lute's wife... Jane Holl-Lute, a former Army Major who, oddly enough, was on his staff, is now the Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security.


You aren't supposed to be boffing your subordinates, General.