23 August 2007

Like Mike...

I have to admit that I'm pretty stunned at the outcry for Michael Vick to be allowed to return to the NFL after he does the jail time that is coming his way.
This morning I discovered that NBA player Stephon Marbury felt that dog fighting was a sport and Vick is a man that is hurting and being brought down.
The NAACP was on the morning news standing firm behind Michael Vick being allowed to resume his gainful employment with the NFL after he pays his debt to society. R.L. White of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP said that Vick was getting more attention than he would have if he had killed a person. White then said something foolish like, we should all join hands with Vick and embrace the fact that he is only human.
Then, Jason Whitlock of FOX Sports, who I usually kinda' like, wrote the most ridiculous piece of non-sense that I have seen all year crying foul against anything negative that should befall the precious Mr. Vick. In his article he said that "As a society, we should aid in Vick's rehabilitation and welcome a new Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football." He goes on to say that Vick, deserves the opportunity to re-enter society and earn an honest living..."
One of my co-workers stood tall for Mike Vick, proclaiming that she'd heard about a lot of guys in Baltimore dog fighting and she felt that it was a "legitimate sport like dog-racing" and she felt that the justice system was just trying to bring another Black man down.
God, if I write one more quote from these bleeding heart imbeciles - I am going to drop dead right here on my keyboard.
This whole - "Cry For Mike" campaign that so many people are participating in is nothing short of astonishing. I wish this kind of outcry occurred for the hundreds of Black people that are shot, stabbed and killed by other Blacks every day. I wish groups like the NAACP re-established their value in our community by standing taller and stronger for the law abiding Black people and took less of a presence for Blacks who are LEGITIMATELY convicted of and confessed to criminal activity. (please note the word "legitimate" in the previous sentence, I am ALWAYS for the defense of innocent Blacks that are falsely accused and railroaded into our jails)
This whole Vick thing comes down into three parts in my book:
1. The criminal act of dog fighting
2. The media blitz surrounding Vick
3. The post prison life for Vick
Here's my two cents...
#1. This dog fighting thing. It's some of the most vile and savage stuff I've ever seen. I'm disheartened that so many people in the Black Community have either embraced it or dismissed it. With all the Vick hype in recent months, everybody is racing to show as much as they can of this spectacle and I've tried to watch it to grasp just what MIGHT be sport like about it, and sadly I didn't have the stomach for it. It is animalistic, sub-human and barbaric... two dogs - raised and trained to kill, are in a pit and forced to bite and claw each other to death. They sink their fangs into each others throats and rip and tear - trying to pull enough skin, muscle and arteries off of one enough to break the other dogs spirit and continue ripping into it to bring about death or submission. Then for the losers who aren't fortunate enough to die, the thugs that own them take them to the side and find sadistic ways to kill them.
Why fools think this is a REAL SPORT is beyond me. They need to stop making excuses for the criminal and inhumane behavior of thugs and hoodlums. They need to stop trying to coddle that element in society that makes padlocks, lo-jacks, burglar alarms, mace, steering wheel locks and guns for home protection necessary! At some point, we - especially as Black people need to acknowledge crimes as CRIMES. Everything illegal does not warrant a wave of sympathy and excuses. SOMETIMES - SOME PEOPLE have no regard for the law and SOMETIMES things are actually CRIMES!
#2 This media blitz. Okay, I'm tired of seeing Vick - I really am. But he brought this mess on himself! He is a public figure... dare I say a 'celebrity' in many people's eyes. When you are a high profile figure, in this country, in this day and age - everything you do, even the slightest bit negative, is going to be captured on a camera, on a phone, on the Internet - somewhere! You are going to be scrutinized, whether it is fair or unfair, it is going to be publicized. So, Vick should have known that if he was involved in something illegal - regardless of whether it was dog fighting, gun running, drug smuggling, DWI, DUI, gambling, handgun violations, weed smoking, dice, or peeing in public - it would be the lead story on ESPN and FOX news! I'm actually starting to wonder what the hell Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan are doing this week?
#3 Post prison. My buddies think I'm being hard on Mike Vick when I say that he should be banned for life from the NFL. My reasoning for this has nothing to do specifically with the dogs or the color of his skin. It has, however, everything to do with the National Football League. It is a PRIVILEGE to play in the NFL, it is not a RIGHT. It is a PRIVILEGE to put on an NFL team uniform and take the field on the grandest stage in the world, it is not a right. It is a PRIVILEGE to have the opportunity to earn millions of dollars a year playing the greatest game in the world, it is not a right. And, it is a PRIVILEGE to live the dreams of millions and millions of boys and men across the globe by being a professional football player, it is not a right. Vick knew this and he took it for granted and he broke the rules and now he should not be allowed to participate in the game again. He had the opportunity - the once in a lifetime opportunity and he squandered it - thus it is called a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity. Bleeding hearts like White and Whitlock are begging for Vick to be given a chance to earn a living when he gets out - NEWSFLASH - Mike Vick already has more money in the bank than 90% of Americans will ever see in a lifetime - earning a living is the LEAST of his worries, so again - GIVE ME A BREAK! And just because he may not be allowed to play football again, nobody said he couldn't be a plumber, or an electrician, or a dentist, or an airline pilot. There are only about 96 NFL quarterbacks in the world, so there ARE other jobs out their for him. Besides, after he gets out of jail, I'm confident that Vick a.k.a. Ron Mexico will find plenty of other shenanigans to get into!
For those people that are crying about the justice system trying to pull down another Black man, please, please, please, please, please give me a break. Michael Vick did not just wake up a few months ago wearing Black skin. Unless they have been living under a rock, or they've been in the Republican party for more than 10 years - 95% of Blacks over the age of 18 knows that the justice system in this country is far from perfect when it comes to Black people. Let's be honest here. Vick, assuming he has a modest amount of sense, knows that he as a Black man, and not just ANY Black man, but a Black MULTI-MILLIONAIRE is not going to be untouchable when it comes to the law. He knew this. So for all these people acting like the US justice system just suddenly became unfair and unbalanced in the case of this guy, get over yourselves, its the same game it always has been and Vick knew the rules and the risks!
Let me share a little something with anybody that is not a Black man living in 21st century America. I respect police officers for the most part - but when it comes to the justice system as a whole, I am ALWAYS on guard. With the exception of mornings when I take the trash out, I am never without legal identification a.k.a. MY LICENSE. Because I am always aware that as a Black man, if I am ever pulled over, or detained, or question by law enforcement - there is a reasonable chance, that in this day and age - I could be blamed, charged or even incarcerated for any given amount of time for virtually any crime that has occurred within 50 miles and 48 hours of my present location. And, this is simply because "I fit the description" - Black Male, 25 - 45 years old, 5' 8" to 6'1" - it sounds crazy. Yeah - it sounds insane, but it is true. If you don't believe me, ask around. I'm never slippin'. I am always able to prove who I am. I'm always inbounds. And frankly, Mike Vick was slippin'. He went out-of-bounds. He thought he was above a justice system that thrives on Black men. He thought he was above the laws of human decency. He thought he was above the rules of the largest sports organization in the world. He wasn't - and now he has to face the music.
Mike Vick was living the dream. The dream that so many boys and men have. He was an NFL Quarterback. He was a professional athlete. The world was his oyster, and he threw it all away for some foolish, thuggish, criminal, barbaric ignorance. I have no sympathy for him.


George du Maurier said...


He's guilty, but; the really BIG QUESTIONS remain: is he right about who the dogs are; and, does Mike Vick deserve Bragging Rights reserved for the ghetto's true heroes? I know my opinions, what are yours?


Victoria Summers (ATL) - Though his crime doesn't meet their criteria, the Ghetto Black Male Felon Bragging Rights community has spoken and will award the sexy & hard sports star with honorary Bragging Rights for any dispariging remarks he makes about white people that aliken them to vicious dogs.

"Community members say the white fans who once pretended to adore him have turned unfairly vicious toward him," Bragging Rights editor Kirkland Perkins said today. "They want him to show his true feelings toward what's being identify as Classic White Hypocrisy and give them the finger just one more time - before or after his sentence is determined."We all like to hear him say something extremely disparaging; and, it would be nice to hear him say it using broken English."

The Thinking Black Man said...


Oh gee-
I didn't even mention the whole "Street Cred" foolishness that the media has been covering. Now this non-sense?

Does it end?

Gunfighter said...

Brother TTBM,

I was going to post about this tomorrow, but I see that you are holding it down just fine.

Vick should do time. Vick shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL ever again.


Evolution83 said...

Sir, you made excellent points. However, seeing as to how playing professional football is his profession, I think he should not be banned from it, just as if a white collar criminal should not be banned from entering the professional world. The point Im making is that once the sentence is served, his penance is over. I have seen it too many times with convicted felons, and I dont think they should have to suffer for the rest of their lives for something they have already did penance for. Just my opinion.

The Thinking Black Man said...


That's why I love you, brother!


Hello EVOLUTION83, thanks for leaving a comment.

I certainly respect your opinion, and my humble reply is - there is NOT going to be a lot of suffering by Mike Vick - he and any children he may ever have are financially set for generations to come. Mike Vick has [I believe] a college degree from Virginia Tech University - so he is not a dumb man nor is he unable to pursue any of the 1,000,000 careers available in the United States. There is no restriction on him getting ANY other job is he qualified to do.

Do you think that all Michael Vick can do is be a professional quarterback? If so, remind me to never send MY kids to Virginia Tech!

I don't think he should not be able to work, I just don't think that he should be able to play in the NFL again. Now, you have a point, sometimes white collar types can come back to the companies they worked at before they went to jail. SO maybe that isn't the fairest thing in the world.

But as a football fan, and a fan of the NFL - I believe he has disrespected the sport I love, I think he has lied to the team owner, the fans who have believed in him and I think he is a blemish on the sport. And let me go one step further - the big thing that everyone seems to jump on these days is "ROLE MODELS" Everybody is a freakin' ROLE MODEL for kids! So, since VICK has this mass following of young kids that look up to him because he can throw a football and run pretty good - lets show them that when you do wrong and break the law - you are punished! Let's show them that there is a TRUE penalty when you do something bad. Lets make him a role model for WHAT NOT TO DO! And the day that the ex-felon Chief Financial Officer of a Fortune 500 company gets his own trading card and an exclusive deal with Nike - we'll make an example of him too!!!

That's my two cents! Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment. Despite the tone of my retort, I truly do appreciate you sharing your thoughts on my blog!!!

Blah Blah Blah said...

Amen Thinking Black Man!

Evolution83 said...

Okay, Im not going to turn this into a debate, I promise, but I have got to say one last thing (its actually a couple) and then I am through.

First, he entered the draft as a senior, so he did not recieve a degree from VA Tech.

Second, from my perspective, it wasnt about the money, but its like telling you, amidst all the other things that you could do, that you shouldnt write anymore if you go to jail for Assualt with a Deadly weapon with the intent to kill.

Lastly, if anything, Michael Vick is an embarrassment to himself. The NFL will go on without him, just as it did before him. And there have been so many other incidents in the NFL with players that this is just another notch on the proverbial belt. On top of that, jail time is punishment, and a severe one at that, so once he has done the time for the crime, the incident should be wiped behind him.

Thank you so much for you response and for allowing me the chance to comment. You write brilliantly.

Nance said...

TTBM--Thanks for a cogent post on this topic from a valuable p.o.v.

I continue to be amazed at the forces who align themselves behind an individual like Michael Vick, i.e. the NAACP, etc., when he clearly delineates the negativity that can befall anyone who makes bad choices in the wake of so much good. There is nothing sporting or professional about dogfighting; there is nothing sporting or professional about being involved in it, and those who stand up for Mr. Vick are also making a very bad choice.

Vick had the world in front of him. This is what he chose to do with it?

Tsiporah said...

*Standing up and clapping hands* Now that is what I am talking about!! I couldn't have said it better myself.

The Thinking Black Man said...

: )

Hey again- EVOLUTION83,

Please don't worry about a debate, I actually enjoy a decent back and forth exchange with reasonable, articulate people. To me - its all about a positive exchange of opinions. Please say whatever you want. Your opinion is just as valuable as those who agree with me - I think its great.

-The degree issue... yeah, I kinda' wondered about that one. I wasn't sure. But hey - maybe he can go back and finish up if the NFL bans him. He can still do a lot with his education OFF the field if he wants.

-About the money... sadly I don't write for a living... I certainly wish I did though, I love it! But I can say that I like the job I do have and it pays my bills and allows me and my family a roof over our heads and a few other nice things. And there are rules and codes of ethics that surround what I do and if I go out tonight and get drunk and crash my truck into someone and injure [not even kill] them and I get sentenced to even ONE DAY in jail. I will lose my job. Honest-to-God. I will be terminated from my job. And I don't even make a million dollars a year. : )

There would be no appeal, nothing. Just two more checks and thats it. So THAT is why I don't drink and drive, why I don't go out fighting in the streets, why I don't run guns out of Havana on weekends, or fight pit bulls on my Grandmother's farm. I like my job and I ned my job. If Vick loved what he did. He should have chosen differently.

Aside from Pacman Jones acting like a fool, and Ray Lewis' legal problems from years ago - not too much pops up on my radar even though a lot of people seem to point out other legal woes of NFL players, so I can't speak too much to that point. Vick is an embarrasment to himself, but he's young and I'm hopeful that he will mature inside through all of this. I hope he will make better friends and be a stand up guy and show people to appreciate what they have. I think the biggest thing against him is that he had so much going for him. He was 2 years off of a Superbowl appearance, he had the big endorsements, he had his best years on the field still ahead of him and he chose to throw it away for a dog fighting ring. I've always felt that stupidity should be a crime punishable by jail time - and while the courts say differently, in My Book, Vick is doing time for STUPIDITY.

Thanks again for dropping a comment. Please do so as much as you like - and I'll return the favor on your site!

Hi there NANCE!

Thanks for dropping a comment. I'm with you bigtime!

I'm no fan of seeing a Black man in trouble with the law, but at the same time, I never mind seeing a criminal being punished.

I just can't believe that he through so much away for something as vile as this dog fighting crap. I just wish it was something like insider trading, or naked-short-selling of stocks... a thinking persons crime. (hahaha) But, seriously, no crime is a good crime. He could have been The Man, but now its over.

Thank you so much TSIPORAH! You've brought a big smile to my face!!!

job said...


F-U and dont give me that educated negro shhyt am educated too masters mechanical eng. but black men like you suck

vick is not innocent but if the negro was white it would not be same Dont write to please FOOOL

The Thinking Black Man said...

Okay JOB,

I think its safe to say that the low-brow, back alley, moronic, dim-witted and poorly spelled words you used to TRY and voice your opinion make you look like the fool.

I can't tell if you're trying to insult me or make an ass of yourself - the later I think.

The next time you leave some ignorant mess like this on my blog, I'm going to delete it. But you look so pitiful and dumb, I figure I'll leave you here to let everyone see what a loser you are.

And for heaven's sake - PROOFREAD next time and have the cajones to leave a real blogger ID. The whole "JOB" thing shows us all what a coward you are. You don't like what I say, either leave a real blogger ID or don't stop in and read. You're pathetic. I'm embarrassed FOR you.

Sister P said...

Et tu TTBM?
I just didn't think you'd be the type to call playing in the NFL a privilege.

I guess it's always a privilige that someone can get paid to do what they love, but they don't pass out contracts like candy at Halloween. Brothers WORK for them.

He's guilty, admittedly. But banned for life? Oh hell no, not after all the money he made for them.

Ever consider this?....If a team can PAY $70-80 Million in salaries each year what are they grossing? I own a business and know other business owners and no one pays more than 30% of gross revenue to employees.

The NFL, NBA and the likes are "big pimpin'" and if they want to do a morality check, then it shouldn't start at the bottom with Vick.

Had to disagree this time. Love your work/writing though!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey SISTER P. thanks for the comment.

Now see this is what an intellegent disagreement sounds like - no name calling, no cursing, just opinions. [see the comment from JOB above and you'll know what I mean.]


Now, I'm certain that all the guys WORK for these contracts [and not just the Brothers] but it IS a PRIVILEGE. Do you have ANY idea how many college aged guys do NOT get a chance in the NFL? THOUSANDS. Don't think its not a PRIVILIGE. If it was a right, I wouldn't be sitting here blogging right now, I'd be at Redskins Park reading a playbook.

Personally, I don't know the numbers about owners share vs players share, but I'm sure the owners get PAID. But the NFL isn't a profit sharing establishment, if these guys felt that the owners were getting too much and they weren't getting enough - then they should go on strike like any other company's employees.

Sure, Mike made money for them - but he didn't do it alone and it's not like they paid him minimum wage. The Brother got paid! Probably more than 95% of Americans will ever see, so lets not paint him too much with the "Pity Brush"

That's all I can really say about that.

My question to you... and it might not be the best example because you own your own business [Way to Go - Sista!]... but tell me - if you knew there was a significant chance that you would lose your business license OR your business entirely... would you break the law? If you as a business woman, made a good salary and enjoyed what you do... would you hide drugs and guns in your home and risk getting arrested and losing everything? Would you finance and participate in dog fights KNOWING that it was against the law?

If the answer is yes, then I'm just wrong in this instance and my opinion has no merit.

Mike had EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING!!!!!! and he threw it away for some illegal foolish mess. As a football fan, his presence on the football field after this, slaps my hard-working, law abiding ass right in the face.

Anyway - thanks for the compliment and thanks for the comment. This is all about opinions to me and exchanging thoughts - so thanks for disagreeing with me so decently.

job said...

yeah looser i am using a public computer lol and am a loser. f -u nigga you just undergoing middle age crisis .... get you life on dude you still a nigga just like me so quit all this crap of sounding so different ... and bitching like a woman ..

as i said Vick was wrong. .. but for your ass to come and say it aint got non to do with color the way he is been treated.... you ass sounds like retarded white wannabe...

go f-u fat wife..

The Thinking Black Man said...


Lets start by saying you are an ignorant, pathetic piece of crap. I hope that when you move out of your Grandmother's basement and get a girlfriend, you will learn to actually comprehend [meaning: understand] what you read.

I started to delete this vile [meaning: nasty and rude] comment, but I chose to leave it with hopes that seeing how stupid you sound, it might infact lead you to think before type next time.

Now, listen son - NOWHERE in my post did I say that Vick's legal woes [meaning: problems] had nothing to do with his skin color. Actually the bulk of the point that I was trying to make was the foolishness of him throwing away his NFL carreer.

In fact, I said that Vick, as a Black man SHOULD have known that the Justice system was going to come down hard on him. And he isn't just any Black man, he is a RICH Back man. If he tangled with the law - he should have known Justice was going to break him in two! I say it again - I'm NOT defending Vick by ANY stretch of the imagination [something you don't have] but Vick didn't just wake up Black a few weeks ago - he KNEW that being Black and Male were the first two strikes... being Stupid [like you] is the third strike.

What do three strikes equal, Sunshine? Yes - HE'S OUT!!!

So, I know you'll be back to my blog to see if I kept your little child-like comments up... I deleted one of them, you little wimp-bastard! But I chose to keep the other.

Try to get some education son. You are a disgrace to yourself. Nobody is ever going to listen to you if you can't express yourself like you have some sense and really understand what you are talking about. If you have a beef with my opinion, either walk awaya and never come back or write intellegently and we can exchange thoughts like reasonable people. I think, YOU think by cursing at me, and insulting me - you are hurting my feelings - but kid let me tell you, I'm a man and I'm smart enough shake my head at a foul mouthed little boy [regardless of your age]. When you grow up and can engage me like you have some sense - you make sure you come back. Until then - work hard to move out of Grandma's basement, put down the X-Box 360, put away your gold teeth, and stop being an ignorant bum. And then, maybe even the girls will stop laughing at you.

Sister P said...

You wrote "My question to you... and it might not be the best example because you own your own business [Way to Go - Sista!]... but tell me - if you knew there was a significant chance that you would lose your business license OR your business entirely... would you break the law?"

My response: I really feel your passion on this. I see where it must have been a dream of yours to be a "pro baller" and you are mad that Vick pissed it away. But...there is no clause that stated he would be fired if CHARGED with a felony. He has not been convicted and that is why it took so long to come to the decision. He admitted guilt but so damn what? It was off the field. Martha Stewart made a comeback...remember when Eddie Murphy was arrested for solicitation back in the '90's?...Robert Downey Junior...Hugh Grant...the list goes on. He should be able to try out for any team after his release. He shouldn't get to walk back on, but if he keeps up his skillz, then GAME ON!!

OK, I'm done blogging on your blog! LOL

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Sister P...

You feel MY passion, naw, Sister - it is I who feel YOUR passion. : )

I see your point. And, a good one it is!

I never pursued the NFL seriously per se, the World Football League - yeah, but not the NFL. (If you're not over 30 you probably have no idea of what the WFL was...) But, yeah - what he did was off the field and you're right - the NFL Players Association rules do NOT say he would be fired. To this date all that has happened is an indefinate suspension.

So, in all honesty, there is still a reasonable chance that he will play again. Like you said a few posts ago - he does make MONEY and in the end, MONEY trumps almost everything. I THINK - because I'm a BIG football fan, he should be gone, but that's just my opinion and my opinion couldn't get me a 1 cent glass of water. : )

If it were baseball, I honestly probably wouldn't give a darn.

Hmmm, I probably wouldn't give a darn at all.

But, you and all the other Vick supporters will probably get to see him on the field again - maybe even before this season is out since I hear he's cutting a BIG DEAL to provide information on other criminals. From what I hear - he's willing to give so much information that he MAY not even spend a single day behind bars. So, this whole point may be moot.

Honest said...

At the end of the day the NFL will either allow him to return or follow public opinion and ban him. Now I don't mean to equate the legal profession and the NFL but there are rules that when someone is admited to a bar signs up for. If they break it they can be disbared and banned from practicing law. I don't even watch football or know much about the game but I imagine that there's something in M. Vick's contract that he signed that would give the NFL a legitimate reason for banning him.

The Thinking Black Man said...


Thanks for your comment.

Yeah, I'm starting to think this this whole thing is going to be toss up. I know there is a clause in NFL contracts that will allow him to never play again after this, but it is subject to interpretation and like SISTER P pointed out - there is so much MONEY surrounding Vick and his scrambling feet that the NFL might just clear its throat, adjust its tie and allow him back in with open arms.

When its all said and done, I'm a Redskins fan and Vick's return could ONLY mean bad news for us.
: )

B. Good said...

"wish groups like the NAACP re-established their value in our community by standing taller and stronger for the law abiding Black people and took less of a presence for Blacks who are LEGITIMATELY convicted of and confessed to criminal activity."

I'm with you on THAT one!

I honestly don't know what to feel about Vick. My first response was, throw the book at 'em! And while I still kinda feel that way (cuz he was just being EXTRA stupid), I also feel sad about the situation. I honestly hate to see another brotha go down over some foolishness. Not so much that "the Man" brought him down, but that he's just goin' down in general.

Clearly Vick and his people aren't model citizens; this isn't the first time he's been in trouble, and his brother is just a MESS in himself. So I'm not entirely surprised that he's caught up in some bull once again. But WHY is it so hard to just sit down somewhere, play ball, be rich, be happy, and be satisfied? Dammit Mike, WHY??? Just so unnecessary. It didn't have to be this way Mike. You brought it on yourself.

I don't really care if he plays again. Yay if he does, yay if he doesn't. But its just all soooo STUPID!! I refuse to think about it anymore.

Kofi said...

This is sort of a closed issue because dogfighting is illegal in this country. If this were horseracing, this wouldn't even be an issue, even though similar issues come up when injured horses are put down on racetracks (or not, as was the case with the injured horse Barbero [sp?] who was kept alive long after he should have been put down with a painful leg injury)

I'm not saying Michael Vick shouldn't go down. But if Michael Vick is going to go down and have his career ruined because of animal abuse, everyone else should go down. Yes, certain pop-tart coke-addicted celebrities who have been choking my TV screen with their less-than newsworthy lives and vehicular run ins. I'm talking about you. I'm not seeing how the dogfighting is worse.

SistaSocialite said...

UGHH... the Falcons will not be the same without him! :(

But he did the crime so he's gotta do the time...

Mike said...


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