20 February 2008

Armageddon has fallen upon DC!!!

Oh my God!
It's snowing in the District of Columbia! I see it with my very own eyes, right outside of my office window. Big fluffy snowflakes that seem to be melting on the sidewalk far below.
Snow in the District of Columbia spells catastrophe for men and women of all ages! People in DC, inside the I-495 beltway, loose their minds and all of their driving skills at the first sign of a snowflake. A mere dusting will guarantee countless pile-ups, road closings, and hours and hours of traffic. All is lost! All is lost!
Lock your doors and say your prayers because snow is falling in the nations capital!
How am I going to get home? Will I ever see my loved ones again?
I admit that I haven't been posting much lately on my blog - but, I still love my blog! I still love my readers! I still love reading the comments! But with snow on the streets of DC, my life will be in complete jeopardy as I set out to the subway!
Am I man enough to walk several blocks and cross several streets in the District under a (gulp) raging snowfall?
Pray for me.....