17 October 2005

Miers doesn't scare me!

Harriet Miers makes me uneasy.
Harriet Miers makes me laugh.
Harriet Miers makes me scratch my head.

But the one thing that Harriet Miers doesn't do is scare me.

The people that scare me are the right wing, conservative, Christians that feel so betrayed by President Bush. They are worried that 10 or 20 years from now, Harriet Miers might make a ruling from her Supreme Court posting that would favor the dreaded Liberals. She might do something that helps poor people, or gay people, or middle class people, or non-Christian people, or heaven forbid - Black people!!!

These conservative-Christians are worried that she might not carry out their wishes and overturn the almighty "Rowe vs. Wade."

Despite Georgie's loosely veiled "wink - wink" "she's one of us" approach to this foolish nomination, the conservative-Christians are pissed off. And, this is why I'm scared. I could care less that Bushy-Boy thumbed through his Rolodex and pulled Miers name out with his eyes closed. But I'm scared of the fact that these Christian right-wingers feel that their personal spiritual agenda takes precedence over the fundamental welfare of the nation.

I have not heard one single person say, "I don't think Harriet Miers has enough judicial experience to make good decisions for the country as a whole." The only thing her critics are saying is: "I don't know her religious background... I don't know if she'll try to overturn Rowe v Wade... She may have some Liberal opinions... Bush should have put a true conservative in the court... We've been betrayed..." These people are narrow-minded and dangerous. They feel that every aspect of this nation has to follow their strict interpretation of Christianity right down to the justice system, legal system and political machinery. The message they are sending is simply this: "Fairness, neutrality, and open-mindedness are outdated concepts in America, and if it ain't Christian and White, forget what you've heard because it surely ain't right."

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