17 May 2006

Conspiracy Theory - TRUE or FALSE


With the release of this new blurred footage of "something" hitting the Pentagon on 9/11 has anything been resolved? I mean, in the age of PhotoShop and all this stuff - can we even trust photos and video?

Before I go any further, I want to state that I am 95% confident that three planes, ALL controlled by terrorists, crashed into the World Trade towers and the Pentagon and that 4th plane was shot down over southern Pennsylvania by US military aircraft. My remaining 5% is like my 3rd eye still seeking additional information.

Personally, I just can't believe a missile was used on the Pentagon. God knows I don’t trust this current regime running our nation, but honestly, the stakes to this Government and this country are too high for a broad daylight stunt like a missile strike. It is far easier to simply pull off an explosives laden truck bomb at the Pentagon and blame it on al Qaeda. And besides – Osama bin Laden has publicly taken responsibility for the attacks. Imagine if he denied them! Imagine if he said, "Sure, my guys hit the towers. But we didn't send anybody after the Pentagon! That was done by the American's themselves!" Could you imagine the uproar? Citizens would still be dragging Bush and Cheney’s corpses up and down Pennsylvania Avenue!!! There simply isn't enough for the US to gain by striking our own Pentagon.

I love a good conspiracy – but there just isn’t one waiting in the ashes of the Pentagon. Now – SHANKSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA is another story.

I will probably always believe that flight 93 was shot down by F16’s or F18’s.
I will believe this for several reasons:
1. There was enough time from the attacks at the WTC for the FAA to discover that flight 93 was hijacked and there was time for it to be intercepted.
2. On the morning of 9/11 – Dick Cheney gave orders, “Pursuant to the Presidents instructions,” for fighter pilots to “take out” any threatening planes.
3. On the morning of 9/11 – Dick Cheney also stated “It’s my understanding they’ve already taken a couple of aircraft out,” meaning US jets shot down one or more planes.
4. The debris field in Shanksville, PA had little to no actual plane fuselage at the impact site. In addition, human remains and belongings were found over two miles from the crash site, and in a lake SIX miles from the impact site – more crash debris was found.
I believe this plane was hit with a missile, partially exploded – spraying debris across a wide area and hit the ground in a flaming, disintegrating mass .

I’m confident that someone high up made a quick decision that morning to conceal and deny the fact that the plane was shot down. It was probably the best choice that could be made at the time, with limited knowledge of what was going on and no idea of what 9/12 held in store for us. As much as I’d like to say something negative about the Bush administration in this instance, I can’t. A shoot down was clearly the best choice under the circumstances and considering that hundreds or even thousands of lives hung in the balance between Shanksville and Washington DC. A tough call had to be made, and I’m pretty confident that it was the right call. Seeing as though on 9/11 I was in that line between Shanksville and DC, so was my wife and unborn child and a great number of people I care about. That plane could have come down anywhere and harmed any of them – so I’m grateful to whatever brought that plane down.


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