12 May 2006

A wondrous miracle of nature...


A wondrous miracle of nature has happened!

A female polar bear and a male grizzly bear have successfully mated and produced an offspring in the great frozen north of Canada!

While this has happened several times in captivity under the careful watch of zoologists, scientists and veterinarians, this magnificent creature was born and raised strictly under the watchful eyes of God and its polar mother and grizzly father!

I bet it was incredible to see this creature in the wild! Hunting, swimming, eating fish, climbing trees, running across the snowy frozen north through blizzards and snow squalls!

But now, its dead!

Yup, this miracle of nature, this rare genetic combination, this brand new species in the wild, is dead. Some dude from Idaho shot and killed the bear a few days ago.

I'm a little torn about that. Personally, I don't have an issue with hunting when its for food. I do however have a problem with these so called "Sport hunters" that like to kill things so they can display pelts and heads in their trophy rooms. I'm pretty sure this guy came up from Idaho so he could bring back a thick, beautiful polar bear hide to adorn his floor in front of his fire place. And now, this incredible animal is dead.

Now, I don't know anything about the guy that killed this bear. I haven't seen or read any interviews from him - but I can't help but wonder if he would have still pulled the trigger with this bear in his sights if he had known what a rare creature he was about to murder. I certainly hope he wouldn't have.


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