09 October 2006

Ordinary People VS John Legend

Not too long ago I was driving and John Legend's "Ordinary People" came on the local jazz station, 105.9. The words escape me to adequately describe how much I hate this song. But hey - this is a BLOG, so I'll try...

Check this portion out:

"Maybe we'll live and learn
Maybe we'll crash and burn
Maybe you'll stay, maybe you'll leave,
maybe you'll return
Maybe another fight
Maybe we won't survive
But maybe we'll grow
We never know baby youuuu and I
We're just ordinary people
We don't know which way to go..."

I hate this song because it clearly makes normal people seem too stupid to find a decent relationship. It makes fights, drama and heartache seem like an everyday part of loving relationships. Too many people foolishly believe that you have to be some kind of EXTRAordinary person to have a loving relationship where arguments and drama are at a minimum. Frankly I think that is straight bullshit. Every relationship on this planet is made up of ordinary people, it's just that some people want and demand more from their partners than others do. That's it. Plain and simple. If you have self respect and you've established that you will only accept certian things in a relationship - then there you are.

The thing that really blows my mind is all these people are falling all over themselves with how wonderful and deep that song is!

All this, "we're just ordinary people, we don't know which way to go," baloney! Please John, don't believe your own hype, your song sucks!



Anali said...

Wow! I thought I was the only person on the planet who couldn't stand this song. It's true what you are saying about the words, but the music never did it for me either actually.

eab2 said...
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The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Anali!

What's going on in Quincy?

The music...
The lyrics...
The singing...

Oh how I hate thee, let me count to ways.

I don't know anything person about John L. - but the hype over his song is insane! I saw Oprah falling all over him one time, and she even called him a LEGEND! I just couldn't believe my ears, the song is awful, awful AND stupid.

Thanks for droppin a line to TTBM!

Anonymous said...

Gotta tell you the truth, man: I like that song. Not because of it's depth... I don't think that most songs are particularly deep. I like it because it is kinda catchy.

As for the relationships pf ordinary people... I'd have to say that Legend has it wrong. I think I am fairly ordinary, and I don't have that kind of crap going on in my life or in my marriage.

tickledpinkies said...

Ha I love this song. Not sure why maybe coz It reminds me of a crappy relationship Ive had. Sentimental.

Dont anaylze song words too much these days or you may end up very distressed :S

*that reminds me Im gonna download that song now :P

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Gunfighter-

Yeah, the song is very deceiving in its catchy-ness. But after a few times hearing a song, I really start listening to the lyrics. Many of my friends give me playful grief over this!

I think listening to the lyrics is what has made me turn off most of the local hip-hop stations, because the new stuff and the rap is just mindless ramblings laced over great beats and hooks! I tend to stay with the BBC, NPR, WTOP, WHUR and Smoooooooooth Jazz - 1-oh-5-point-niiiiine! (You KNOW THE HOOK MAN!)

I look at myself as a pretty ordinary person too, and I think that is why this song struck me in such a way. But you know... my disdain for this song noted - there are still countless more songs (mostly rap) that I feel are just pitiful pitiful creations - unfortunately J.L. floated by at just the right time to force me to my laptop!!!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Nooooooooo Tickled, don't do it!!!

Save yourseeeeelf!!!


Anonymous said...

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t-hype said...

Ha Ha!

I saw John Legend last summer when he came to town and at the end of the concert, I was like, "He should have called this album 'Songs to Get Divorced To.'" It was wack, I'm telling you. It was wack.

I wish Lyfe Jennings had headlined instead...

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know that I know that hook!

The Thinking Black Man said...

'Sup T-Hype-

Lyfe Jennings is cool. One of my Boyz turned me on to him a little while ago. 268-192 is REALLY cool!

Personally, I'm a big mark for most of Musiq Soulchild's stuff.

But, you know who Lyfe reminds me of - sort of? The Tony Rich Project! Maybe a little more "urban" though - but very nice!

Thanks for the comment!

Anali said...

Hi TTBM! Quincy was wonderfully warm yesterday, but it is cold again today.

You're not going to believe what song I had stuck in my head today because of you!!! : )

Native Son said...

dag. Is the song that bad? lol I like John L. And ordinary people was a great song. Come on TTBM got to give the brotha a little credit. He could be out here singing "Lean with it" or 'chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side" lol now that's when we should be concerned...lol

The Thinking Black Man said...

Sorry Anali-

I really hate doing THAT to anyone!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Native Son -
What's up Bro?

Okay, okay - I will give you THAT point! There are a LOT of worse songs for John Legend to be singing. I WILL give you that!

Aw man, then there was the whole "Laffy Taffy" phenomemon last year...

Okay - so, lets just agree to disagree on "Ordinary People" and nobody pull out anymore bad rap songs... GEEZ.

chicken noodle soup...

Seaniemo said...


It's been a minute. Like others I will give you that but I never really like the song because after hearing him scream on the video (and hearing the children singing it ALL the time) I was like okay enough of this.

I think out of all the craziest titles "The ice cream truck" along with others named are just whacked. Think this generation has run out original stuuf so they just remake the movies and name their songs whatever comes out of their mouth first?

Dude be cool and holla atcha boy!

C. Mabry said...

Hey, man. Just breathe. The song's almost a year old, and not THAT bad. It's not London Bridge, after all.

Anonymous said...

legend can play but his voice irritants me.

legend lover said...

I like this song and its simple lyrics. I believe that many relationships are up and down as this song demonstrates and if it is even keel...then it is a boring relationship....the people that disagree are propbably boring.