07 June 2007

It's good to be rich and white, isn't it?

So, Paris Hilton spent exactly three days in lockup.
(RIGHT: Here she is walking out of the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA.)
Just when I was about to write a letter to the Washington Post begging them to stop giving us day by day "Paris Prison Updates" in its Express newspaper, I see that the smug little strumpet is on her way home.
The first thing out of my mouth was, "WTF?"
So, she has a mysterious 'illness' a 'rash' all over her body so she gets to go home and sit in her mega mansion with a little tracker bracelet on. Can you give me a freakin' break here?!?! This is complete and undeniable bullsh*t. This is simply a brazen example of being rich, white and privileged - nothing more.
When this whole jail thing came down, I was tickled to death. I despise Paris and all the other little rich white kids that stay drunk, high and hunted by crazed photographers. Most of these Paris', Lindsay's, Brittany's, and Nicole's float in and out of rehab and court so much that it's hard to keep track of who's in and who's out. FINALLY a judge had grown a 'set' and decided to put Paris' creepy looking behind in a jail cell. Then she panicked and fired her publicist, re-hired him, chickened out and then toughened up. And here we are four days later, and a wittle luttle wash has gotten the Hilton heiress a pass to go home.
Darn those nasty prison cells!
Let me clue those California dim-wits to something. The girl has HIVES! It is caused by being stressed out - IT WILL GO AWAY WHEN HER SENTENCE IS UP! Stress is what SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNDER! Violating probation is a crime! It is punishable by jail time. Hence, Paris - YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL THIS VERY MOMENT! Not sitting at home in a cashmere robe eating Japanese stuffed shrimp. To me THAT IS A CRIME and whoever let you out, should be in the cell next to you!
It truly kills me that wealth and race are the ultimate trump cards in this country. I see Paris Hilton's smug little emotionless smile in the newspapers almost every day. She looks as if she thinks she's better than everyone else and I'll be damned if some judge didn't decide that she was better than everyone else. I'm sure some of those women that were in jail with her had hives too, I'm sure that all of the mothers in lockup with her wanted to be home with their children, I'm sure that some of the women in detention with her did small stupid things and yet NONE of them got to ride home today. NONE of them got a pass. But I'm willing to bet that none of them had a multi-million dollar bank account.
This is bullcrap.
As I type this, I am reading on another link that another judge has called Paris back to court because of a nationwide outcry over her release. I hope she has to go back, but to me the real insult has already been dealt to us of all races and all incomes because we've been shown that money is power and money makes you above the law.


Gunfighter said...

"...real insult has already been dealt to us of all races and all incomes because we've been shown that money is power and money makes you above the law"

Perfect. The issue isn't black or white... it's green.

Tsiporah said...

Great post I couldn't said it better myself. I hope they throw her tail back behind bars. BTW, nice pic of Paris...LOL.

ldglns said...

as an black woman, I'm pretty pissed off. but they wonder why we cheered when OJ got off.

Golden Silence said...

And Don King is saying that Paris Hilton's what America's all about.

What the...?!

Tasha said...

This matter is beyond race and gender, it's all about the greenbacks. Great post, you echo my sentiments exactly. I really hope they send her back.

Oh, and that praying mantis picture is tooo funny!

La Sirena said...

Well said. I hope that nasty, crooked judge at least got himself a LARGE cash settlement.

I'm just pissed about it all, too. (The praying mantis pic is gone...)

CongoBrava said...

I can't say I'm surprised at all - I mean...this IS America (is that a bit of cynism I smell? ha) I don't care if she does or doesn't go back to jail, I think that it's kinda telling that they've released her on some b.s. mess that most inmates would have had to just deal with.

Golden Silence said...

She's going back to jail now...good.

Now I hope the media coverage of her will STOP (that's extreme wishful thinking) and so we can move on with our lives. Why does the media give that vapid waste so much attention?

Mizrepresent said...

Ditto, to the above...send her azz back to jail...she will be a better person after that...and i applaud the judge who sentenced her!

The Thinking Black Man said...


I had typed individual comments to each of your comments, but my computer did something crazy and lost 15 minutes worth of typing and it's 1AM and I just don't have it in my to try and do that again.

Thanks for your comments, and thanks for taking the time to read my two cents... it humbles me beyond words that people like you all with blogs I try to read every chance I get and who's opinions are so strong, would take the time to read my ramblings.

It's a great feeling!

And welcome to you, CONGOBRAVA - I think this is the first comment you've left here.

Peace ya'll