12 July 2007

Priviledged Executive?

"...one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."
Powerful words.
Words - far too powerful for a country run by George Bush.
I've got this thing I do now when I see a picture of president Bush in the paper, or on TV - I look at him very hard and I try to catch the fear in his eyes. I know he's afraid. A lot of people know it. He's afraid that more and more people each day see his incompetence. He's afraid that everyday it becomes more apparent that he is in so far over his head that it borders on the insane.
For a man that claimed to bring integrity back to the White House along with family values, honor, truth and dignity - he has done nothing even close to that. He governs our nation with his fingers crossed behind his back, a wink when we're not looking and a smirk before he smiles. Oh yeah... and while he's doing all of this he's dissolving our civil liberties and personal privacy and somehow has the time to thumb his nose at the law and any form of accountability.
Now he's told two of his top aides to ignore congressional subpoenas to testify mere weeks after commuting the federally recommended prison time for fellow crook Scooter Libby. I think his rationale for that was, "Uh, I just didn't want Scooter in jail that long..."
The things this man does are absolutely stunning. And the poor, poor Dumocrats on Capital Hill are so weak, and so feable, and so easily pushed around. They can't do anything, I mean... after all they're just CONGRESS! America put the Democrats in control of the congress because FINALLY, we realized that 2000 was a scham and 2004 was a mistake, so THIS was our chance to get it right... to hold Bush accountable, to get this bottomless-pit of war over, to get our reputation back! And what have they done? Folded up and hid in the corner, only to come out when Bush needs someone slap and piss on. The Democrats on The Hill are useless.
I wish I could truly put in words how distraught I am over the crimes of George Bush. He and his crew of Merry Bandits has ruined our nation, its reputation and our neighbors impression of us around the world. Tony Blair's popularity dropped so low because of his blind loyalty to Bush that he had to quit his position. Pervez Musharraf is facing rebels and assassination attempts because he too has aligned himself with the Bush Crew. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, gives Bush public support albeit with a thin, nervous grin. And, frankly, Russia's Valdimir Putin looks like he wants to punch Bush right in the face every time he sees him.
I think the worst part of all of this is that there is nothing that can be done to punish Bush, to put him in check, to get him out of office, or to simply hold him to account on the things his administration has done. Our congress is inept and impotent and our Chief Executive is claiming... privilege.


Mizrepresent said...

Sad but true...it don't even do no good to wish suffering on him, but i believe that he will suffer, in fact it's already happening, that's why his daughters are constantly acting a fool. There is no peace in the Bush house.

Tasha said...

I no longer get angry at the president, I feel sorry for him. I truly do. I know he'll get his in the end. I hope our country can recover fairly easily after this administration leaves office.

Gunfighter said...

This country will be generations recovering from this criminal administration.

George W. Bush will almost certainly never be held to an earthly acount for his crimes.

George Bush is scum.

chele said...

Perhaps his punishment will be that he goes down in history as the most ineffective president of our generation.

Anonymous said...

18 months. I hope we can survive the worst presidency in the history of this country that long.

kevjohn said...

One thing that I'm beginning to discover is that there seems to be very little that a President can do that the next President can't undo.

Except for the lives lost needlessly (in Iraq), and the unfortunate Supreme Court appointments.

Anonymous said...

TTBM, you really hit the nail on the head. And the Democrats are such a disappointment. You know, most distrubing to me is the way the nation has been divided by an inept president. We are all running around hating each other, democrats, republics, american born, immigrants, pro-choice, pro-life, homophobic, gay supporters, muslims and Christians. We hate each other based on the manipulation of one of the political leaders of all time. We'e allowed ourselves to be concerned with issues of little consequence rather than focusing on how corporate america and their political pawns continue to violate and control our rights, our health, our thoughts, our media, our exposure, our sense of selves, our lives, and an endless list of other rights. Bush may be stupid, but we are even more stupid to continue to be manipulated by him so that he and his allies can feed their greed with wealth off of the blood, sweat and tears of the whole world. but I digress.

The political leadership as a whole is removed from the interests of the american people. Whether they are democrat or republican, they are useless to serve our needs and interests. It is up to us as citizens to seek alternative solutions. We are the ones now charge with forming and supporting a grassroots movement so that governance is bottom-up and not top-down, and so we are the ones that influence policy makers, not Bush and his cronies. In the end, it is up to us to put the word out there and to educate our fellow citizens!

Heavenly Zeta said...

You know, I'm from Texas(his so-called "home state") and what many people don't know is that the governor here is a figurehead with limited power. Unfortunately (or fortunately for him), he happened to come along at a time where he could ride the "conservative wave" as I like to call it. The man had utterly NO true qualifications for the presidency...and we know he stole the first election. Republicans had no shame or hesitation about impeaching Bill Clinton for something unrelated to his job, yet the Democrats can't seem to find the cojones to impeach this fool for his inept handling and possibly criminal dealings. If he isn't denigrated as one of the WORST presidents in history, he'll almost certainly be forgotten. I wonder if he asks himself "Was it worth it?"

DeathSweep said...

Simply put, the man is a maniacal imposter of a president. Think of the other so called "bad" presidents we've had over the years and this one makes them look like pussycats by comparison. He's killing this country one step at a time and it's being allowed to happen. The destruction that he's caused to this nation will take too much time to reverse. Of course it can be done but I can only hope that we can all make it that long. As a child I was raised in a great nation; can you imagine what consequences this regime of his will have on future generations? Will this seem like their norm? I pray not.


Anonymous said...

your blog caught my attention and more so your post on Bush. I live in the UK and it amazes me everytime I see him how inarticulate he is. I cringe when he has to address the US or worst the world on international issues. I also get annoued because I know several black men and women that can do a better job!!. Worst still- if Bush were a black man he would never be allowed to firstly be in the white house and secondly never be allowed to do the the things this man is now doing!!.

Lola Gets said...

I was thinking of writing a post about that whole "executive privilege" issue, but then I realized that Id have to research Bush and his cronies, and thats the last thing I want to do. I think that that man is so incredibly stupid, that I cant even bear to listen to him speak. Nor do I pay that much attention to news stories about what he and bus homies are doing. I know, I should be paying attention, but I just feel so disgusted, I cant bring msyelf to do it.

Lord, I hope that we can get someone decent in the White House (and the Senate, cause they got some issues too!) next time around.

Ridwan said...

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Angie said...

"I think the worst part of all of this is that there is nothing that can be done to punish Bush, to put him in check, to get him out of office, or to simply hold him to account on the things his administration has done. Our congress is inept and impotent and our Chief Executive is claiming... privilege."

I couldn't agree with this statement more.

I hate to admit this, but I stopped watching the news and reading certain blogs in the last week. I feel like I need a vacation from this foolishness. Bush and Co. make me so sick!

My brotha, TTBM: You have a beautiful week.

Looking forward to the next post,


Nance said...

Bravo, TTBM. An eloquent lament that puts into words most of my sentiments as well as the sentiments of countless other US Americans. Having said that, however, I will mention one slightly contrasting point: the Democrats, I think, are serving a purpose in that they are keeping up the pressure by holding hearings and investigations into the Bush administration's many illicit activities. This keeps such abuses in the forefront of the news cycle, reveals the depth of his dishonesty and disregard for the Constitution, and continues to cause public scorn and unrest for this president. It might not seem like much right now, but movements ride such waves.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hi there, MIZREPRESENT - I agree with you, nothing in this world balance out the wrong this man has done. I'm a man of faith, but sometimes... juuuust sometimes, I want to see folks get their just due on THIS SIDE of eternity. I guess I'll just have to trust The Man Upstairs to met out justice.

Hi TASHA - I wish I could be that way... but I'm cynical, and I'm a very very mad American and an even MADDER human being at this man. I hope I'm wrong, but I think it will take generations to return our Government and our country to a place of greatness - I REALLY HOPE I'M WRONG THOUGH.

Hey GUNFIGHTER - In the words of the immortal Stan Lee... "nuff said."

Hi CHELE - Hmmm, you mean he's NOT already listed as such? : )

What's up SOJOURNER G - Yeah, it's gonna' be a looong 18 months. These guys in the White House could care less about Joe and Jane taxpayer - they are trying to solidify their oil deals with the petroleum big boys to ensure generations of millionaire Bush's, Cheney's, Rice's and Rumsfeld's. The whole administration stinks to high heaven. Thanks for stoppin' by.

Hey KEVJOHN - thanks for the comment. I agree that the next president can undo a lot... but what is gonna' happen is that if he or she is a Dumocrat, then they will spend ALL of their time fixing the deep deep deficit Bush has driven us into, they'll have to find a way to keep the Bush-ruined Middle-East from falling into nuclear war, they'll have to keep propping up the Bush-made Iraqi Government with our military, they'll have to get the CIA, NSA, & TSA, to stop recording our calls and monitoring our E-Mails and try to reinstill our civil liberties, They'll have to find Osama bin Laden, because Bush could give a damn less about him, they they'll have to show the world that the United States doesn't want to be the Global police anymore. So, yeah they could undo his screw ups, but I promise you that in 2012, the Republicans will swear the Dumocratic Presdient has done NOTHING in the last four years, because our social security, health care, welfare systems are still screwed up, joblessness and crime will still be up and gas will be $4.75 a gallon.

Sorry, but it's late and I'm cynical.

Anali said...

And can you believe that today we've had the worst of both worlds? Both Bush and Cheney were president today!!!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hi ANONYMOUS - I;m thank you 100% for that comment. I'm with you all the way. Our politicians forget why they are where they are! They are on The Hill to make our country, our society, and our way of life positive, productive, strong and fair. But these men and women get sworn in and seem to do nothing more than sell out to lobbyists, push their personal agendas, and try so hard to keep their jobs that they forget to DO their jobs!

Hey HEAVENLY ZETA! How are you? Honestly, I wonder if he's even smart enough to wonder how he's doing or wether it was worth it. I really wonder.

I think his daddy was savvy enough to pull the right strings to get his boy in the right spot. Bob Woodward wrote a great book last year called "State of Denial" which goes into great depth about how Lil'Bush got into the White House. I was stunned to find out that Cheney was originally tasked by Bush to find a qualified running mate for his son. Cheney basically said, "I've searched high and low, and I'm the best thing out here." WTH?

Hey DEATHSWEEP. Perfectly said. "I was raised in a great nation..." Perfect!

We'll be digging out from his mess for years and years. It's very sad.

Hey there ANONYMOUS - I used to play this game when Bush gave a speech. I'd draw a line down the middle of a page and put an "M" over one column and an "N" over the other. They stood for Misspoken and Not-Real. Then I'd put an estimate at the bottom and then put tick marks as I counted them up. There I'd be, every few seconds, tick, tick, check, tick, check, tick...

Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it!!!

Hi LOLA! I hate following The Bush Crew too. Murder Inc. ain't got nothin' on them!!! The worst part is - I have to watch the news, read the news, listen to the news and go online just so I can try to get the WHOLE picture. Sadly, the more I get, the more I REGRET. : (

Hello RIDWAN, My Brother - its always great to see your name on a post!

I'll look into that petition. Brother YOU always amaze me with your outlook and awareness!

Hey ANGIE! How are you my friend? Bushy is just getting a completely FREE ride on all of this mess he's gotten us into. And watch, when his term is up - he's going to fade into the woodworks like gray paint. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Hi there NANCE! Thatnk you for the kinds words. Yes - I agree for the most part. The Dems are keeping a mild flame under W. But, they just won't close the deal.

I like the heat they are putting on him over the attorneys that got fired, but so far they've been gumming the steak - they need to sink their teeth into something.

They sounded good when they refused to sign the war funding bill, but basically Bush veteoed it, slapped the Dems across the face and said "GET my money!" And what did they do - They GOT his money and basically said "Here's some money till 9/30/07 and then you can ask for more, and if you tells us that the war going as you want it too, we'll give you more cash!" What?

Then there was the Valerie Plame Name Game - lots of fluff and flash bulbs, some double talk, a conviction and a dismissal of time to be served.

The Dem's have even fallen to the back row when it comes to decriying the war. House Republicans are now on the front page putting pressure on Bush! THE REPUBLICANS!!! These guys are fighting the fight we hired the Democrats to fight, and where are they now? Trying to get Harriet Myers to come talk to them.

My gripes aside, I do see and agree with your point. I just want them to ramp it up and REALLY hold this guy accountable!!! Thanks for the comment - please drop in again!

Hey there ANALI! How are you? YEah, I was amused when I heard Dick was The Man for 2 hours and 5 minutes. I couldn't help but think that after Bush re-assumed the head honcho spot, Satan walked into Dick Cheney's office and gave Dick a $5 bill and said, "Okay, you won." Cheney told him with a smirk, "I told you I could be the boss if I wanted to."