29 November 2007

Sean Taylor

I'm still pretty stunned about the death of yet another young Black man to pointless, stupid violence.

I'm a Redskins fan, and for the last few weeks my biggest concern was the fact that we've been playing so badly that we were going to miss the playoffs yet again. I was disgusted with The Great Joe Gibbs, I was disgusted with the play calling, I was disgusted with the poor execution I was seeing by a group of men that I was so loyal to. I was so disgusted with the Redskins that I refused to even watch their recent game against the Buccaneers. Then, Monday morning, suddenly everything took a back seat.

I was on the Internet at google.com checking headlines when "Redskin's Sean Taylor shot in home" popped up. I whispered, "Damn." and clicked on the story. "Okay, a leg wound. He should be okay," I foolishly thought. I followed the story all day online. All I kept hearing was "He's in a coma and in critical condition." I actually thought to myself on Monday night - He'll be fine. He'll be upgraded to serious in the morning and by Saturday there will be pictures of him smiling with doctors and nurses and signing autographs for sick kids in the children's ward. I assumed he'd miss the rest of the season and come back next pre-season as the Redskins Golden-Boy with smashing tackles and crazy interceptions." Yeah, he'll be fine.

Then Tuesday morning I turned on the radio next to the bed and they were talking about him in the past tense. "He was a talented player..." "He had this kind of spirit..." "He was well liked by..." And I thought, "Damn, why are they talking about him like he's dead. That's pretty thoughtless." With a knot forming in my stomach I went into the guest room and turned on the TV and there it was on channel 5, "Sean Taylor, 1983 - 2007" You could have knocked me over with a feather. I called to my wife, "Sean Taylor died!"

Just then my 3 year old son walked in, coincidentally wearing a Redskins jersey over his pajamas, and asked in a sleepy voice as he sat down next me, "Why did he die?"

What could I say?

I looked at him, then the TV, and then him again and I put my arm around him and said, "Because a very bad person hurt him. And that's why he died." My son looked satisfied with my answer. I don't believe he fully grasps the concept of death and dying, and I guess at this point that is kind of a good thing - maybe.

I'm just stunned.

The police are saying that right now his shooting looks random, but I believe that like I believe George Bush is a good president. I think that is a police ploy to capture the shooter. I don't believe this was a random crime. I'm confident that the person [or persons] that did this knew that was Sean Taylor's home, I'm confident they knew he was home, and I'm confident that he was a target for whatever reason. I think if someone just wanted to steal something, they wouldn't break into a bedroom and start shooting - they would avoid contact and flee. Or if they were startled they would run and just start shooting blindly during their excape. I'm sure that Sean's killer knew him and knew he was home. I truly hope that they bring him to justice!

I was so pissed off over the 'Skins not making the playoffs this year that I had vowed not to watch another single game. Now I can hardly give a damn. I feel for those guys. I feel for the whole organization. Football is just a game, a sport - life is REAL. Life is joy and strength and faith and happiness and pain and sorrow. Life is real and life is what is important. I'm ashamed that I had forgotten that on Sunday afternoons.



Sister P said...

I hate to say this, but I'm starting to blame TV for this mess. The show "American Gangster" on BDT (Black Disgraceful TV) is one "Hot Ghetto Mess" and is encouraging to our youth that you can live in infamy for doing dirt to our people. The major media interviews with the real Frank Lucas...all I can say is damn. Glorification of violence and making heroes of those who steal, rob and poison our people should be a crime. Where's the "Drop Squad" when you need 'em?

Gunfighter said...

They have arrested four men in the case.

Some have apparently confessed.

I wish the cases of other murders in our community were pursued with such vigor.

-Q. said...

Yeah,thievery dont sound too kosher my dude. Still gotta watch the skins though.. NFC East baby all day. RIP though, throw your 21 up.-Q ThreadingRoots.blogspot.com

-Q. said...

Sister P you're right on some levels but audiences arent as mature as they once were. Its history no less, just like mobsters get their slot on History and Biography channel. It takes the elders- the moms,dads, uncle's and so forth to teach youth value so our youth (sadly up to young adults)so the can sift through the bullshit they see.They are gonna be exposed- no doubt. It what we do to prepare them for when that time happens. what your kids value is reflection of your value to them in my opinion. By no means am I slamming you Sister, just adding a view to your comment. -Q ThreadingRoots.blogspot.com

NYD said...

I'm not completly certain why you call yourself the 'The Thinking Black Man' Just plain thinking would do just as well. I like that there are folks who look at the world without personal benefit. Your post on the noose was amazing.

dreamyj said...

his death was such a tragedy. life is real and my condolences go out to his family and teammates.

Tasha said...

His death is such a tragedy. I'm only 23 days older than him, so it really hit home. He was so young and a new father. It seemed that he was coming into his own as a man. Just plain senseless. I really feel for the Skins and his family.

Tasha said...

His death is such a tragedy. I'm only 23 days older than him, so it really hit home. He was so young and a new father. It seemed that he was coming into his own as a man. Just plain senseless. I really feel for the Skins and his family.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey SISTER P. Thanks for the comment! As always, I agree with you completely. So many weak minded people think "Being hardcore" or "Livin' rough rugged and raw," makes you a man, or it gives you street creds. They just don't have a clue.

Hey GUNFIGHTER, what's up brother? I know the cameras lit a fire under the investigators butts, and I too wish local crimes were pursued with similar vigor, but we both know these clowns they have under arrest were far from rocket scientists. Just sad and stupid. I think it was just a matter of time before some dumb-dumb bragged to one of his boyz about how tough he was when he shot Taylor. Senseless.

Hey Q, thanks! Yeah, I'm blown away by some guys that had been in the house before trying to rob Taylor blind. I really thought it was more deliberate. Regardless it just blows my mind. On a different note though, I still don't see us making the playoffs, but at this point, I think these guys just need some down time and a chance to regroup.

Hey NYD. Thanks for the comment! My blogger name came to me like a flash when I first heard about blogger.com. I still love it! Thanks again for the comment and I look forward to checking out your blog!

DREAMYJ, I think you've got the absolute bottom line here.

Hey TASHA! I think the thing that struck me about the year he was born is the fact that I was in the tenth grade in 1983! I remember that year, it seems like the day before yesterday. I can grasp that ENTIRE period of time and it seems so short, so so short and he's lived it and now he's dead. Damn.

All of the crap folks try to say about Taylor, the DUI the gun incident, all that stuff is BS from the past - he didn't have a gun when he was shot and he was standing brave to protect his girlfriend and their child. That's the measure of a man right there. Everything is meaningless, he stood between harm and his family. That's just the measure of a man.

Lovebabz said...

Wishiung you a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!


CreoleInDC said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!