15 March 2008

Wright and wrong...

I haven't blogged in a while and I certainly hope I haven't lost my voice... let's see.
This whole Jeremiah Wright thing has rubbed my nerves raw.
The media is eating these little sound bites up- CNN, FOX, MSNBC and the rest are burning the airwaves to snatch as many ratings points as possible with the words of Barack Obama's hometown preacher.
I've heard most of the comments, which were clearly snatched in segments which guaranteed the most shock value to the American listener. While I think the entire sermon should be heard in its full context before anyone should make a blanket denouncement of Rev. Wright, I live in America and I know 95% of the people complaining aren't going to go beyond 7 or 8 keystrokes to try and learn anything.
But, full context aside, Rev. Wright's comments are his own, he believes in them and frankly that should be that. Barack Obama didn't make these comments, so for anyone to try and hold Wright's comments to Mr. Obama is utter foolishness. Stupid, shallow, dim-witted election year foolishness! That's like people around the world holding the dumb stuff that George Bush says all the time to the citizens of the United States. Does anyone with an IQ higher than a bullfrog stand up and say, "George Bush's thoughts and feelings are mine?" No.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing Rev. Wright to George Bush, but I am truly saying that one man's comments should not be transposed over to another just because the two of them are associated. I am embarrased that as an American, my fellow voting adults are so easily manipulated and herded like a flock of dumb sheep into these little political columns as defined by the Republicans [and or Hillary Clinton]. Someone shows some nicely edited clips of Barack Obama's preacher, and suddenly Barack is a hate monger and a racist and a bunch of other nicely scripted catch words. I'm stunned.
I was reading some websites today and I am stunned by the number of people, [white people] saying dumb things like...
"I didn't know blacks hate America so much. It's like an eye opener. Since it is a view shared by almost 100% black churches throughout the country (according to a black FoxNews guest), it explains theoverwhelming anti-socieity tendency of the black community..."
I can't help but say, "What the hell????" "Blacks hate America?" "A view shared by almost 100% of Black churches?" What kind of dumbass wrote that? I will bet my next paycheck that this person has never been within 50 feet of a Black church! I feel so sad for this person that they are so weak minded and so prone to think just the way the MEDIA wants her to think. This is a great example of the power of the American media on people that are not strong enough to think for themselves. The media gave her a broad brush, and she ran off to paint with it. (Just a little knowledge for her - Blacks do not hate America! Many Blacks may have issues with various aspects of America, but we do not hate America. For my two cents - ANYBODY of ANY RACE that hates America, needs to get the hell out of America! ANYBODY!!!)
Then I read:
"Barak sold his soul to win in Chicago and it's coming back to bite him. I voted for him for Sen. but will never vote for him again..."
I have to ask, how does going to a church for years and years before you ever think about running for Senate count as "selling your soul." I hope this person didn't just vote for Barack because he went to church in Chicago, because frankly, that would be stupid. Use your head fellow voter - don't let the Media lead you by the nose like a little puppy!
And lastly, this one just stunned me:
"Barack Obama has deliberately infected his own family with 20 years of anti-American racist hatred. He must not be allowed to similarly infect America. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright mentored Obama. They have hijacked Christianity in the same way as Osama has hijacked Islam. Obama and Osama really ARE the same person. Obama's fellow churchgoers simply haven't arrived at the point where the vests are strapped onto the children....yet."
I've tried to cut down my profanity on my blog, but for this one, I'm gonna' dust off a 10 pointer... (here we go) What the Fuck? Are you serious? Are you really serious? Infected his family for 20 years, huh? Obama and Osama are really the same person, huh? See ,these kinds of people scare the shit out of me. So narrow and so easily brought into line. Pitiful.
I think what gets me in all of this is the fact that so many people that have never heard of Jeremiah Wright until this week and who know nothing of this man are so quick to pass judgement on him and a member of his church after hearing 30 seconds of a partial sermon by him. I'm not saying he was right or wrong, and I'm not saying what I agree or disagree with in the SNIPPIT's of his sermon. But what I am saying is that I know Rev. Wright does not spend every Sunday taking shots and America, American Racism, and American Imperialism - sadly, many sheeple have been lead to believe this.
And on top of that - folks have to pick their argument when it comes to Obama and religion. Plenty of narrow-minded folks are worried about his name and assume he is Muslim [these people are an American embarrassment]! Yet, now we have a new cluster of folks that are taking arms against his relationship with his Christian pastor. So, somewhere these people have to decide - is he a Muslim or a Christian and for which one are they going to hate him!!!
How are we going to ever get a decent person in the White House as long as so many Americans are weak minded, mailable, vote clumps. So few people seem to be willing to look at the REAL political issues with clarity. People need to stay focused here - the consequences to this country and our future are so great! We have suffered under 8 years of George Bush's mismanagement of our economy and our military and we have to get serious. Let Jeremiah Wright be Jeremiah Wright and let Barack Obama be Barack Obama.


Nance said...

This kind of junk is exactly what I feared would happen with a protracted road to the Democratic nomination, not that I want either candidate to just quit. Both of them deserve to run the race until the end.

What I want is for the Democrats to stick to the issues and the concerns of what the Democrats have to offer this country to save it from the republicans! U.S. Americans simply cannot afford to hand this election to McSame because of sniping and backbiting about extraneous personalities who are on the fringes and margins of their campaigns. Who the heck cares?

We have a lousy economy, a mindless and purposeless war killing our soldiers, skyrocketing prices at the pumps and in our grocery stores, and people cannot afford the most basic of healthcare. Obama and Clinton should be focusing on the answers to those problems, not questions like "Who has the most objectionable people associated with the outer edges of their lives that will NOT be part of their administrations?"

ZACK said...

Great post. While I'm not on the Obama train yet, I do agree that this whole fiasco is uncalled for. But what can you do?

The church meant well by selling its sermons for kingdom building, but the media is using those same sermons for campaign razing.

Lovebabz said...

We press on. Those of Us of minimum intellegence must press on. Just the fact that you rasie the issues on your blog goes a long way in dissecting the truth from mass media distraction. Blog more and raise your voice to the best of your ability. Good always triumphs, the only time it doesn't is if you and I remain silent.

It is nice to drop in and find you here...in rare form.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey NANCE, how have you been? I'm with you 100%! I have to admit that I have voted in Presidential elections where I've felt underwhelmed by both of the candidates. At least this time I feel that both could do a fairly decent job. They just need to stick with the real issues. My fingers are crossed!

Thanks ZACK! Who knows how this thing is gonna play out!

Hey LOVEBABZ - how are things going? All I can say is WELL SAID My Sista!

Sister P said...

Glad to see you're still thinking, Black man! What'd you think of the speech and subsequent spin by "media"?

DJ Black Adam said...

I agree with your assessment. White folks are really overkilling this whole thing.

Computador said...

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Mizrepresent said...

First, i am so glad to see a new post up, it's been a long time, my brother. Now as for this foolishness taking place in the media, it is what it is, utter foollishness. I was able to partake on the whole sermon Rev Wright preached, and i was moved by it, like any other person of color would be. You can't erase what we've been thru, you can't post parts of our past, without the whole and say, they done good for themselves...it is what is, his truth,and a whole lot of blacks truth. It was not a disgrace to this country or Obama, or anyone else, but the way Fox and other media sold it is just plain mess. I am for one so tired of this mess,and have avoided the media reports and blogs on this for fear i might burst a capillary. Get over it America, ain't nobody in this world, in this decade done us worst then our very on head of state...and that's the truth...why can't we afford groceries, or gas, or living why are so many of us losing our houses, why??? Well, i can tell you for sure, it ain't bc of Jeremiah Wright or Obama...that's what i know for sure. WElcome back brother!

Biggie-Z said...

Found you clicking through various blogs and blogrolls, and I'm so glad I did. This post made me think hard. I linked to this post on my blog, I hope you don't mind.


CreoleInDC said...

Me miss you!

Singing Owl said...

I found your blog looking for a photo of a black man. I don't know if that on your profile is really you, but it is a wonderful photo. Not knowing, I won't use it.

But I surfed around a bit, and I am impressed by your blog.

Af for this post, just wanted to chime in and say that I took a long look at Obama's church's blog, and I admit I found it rather strange that they posted a long series of statements that only related to blacks. The message of the church should be a universal one, and this website sure didn't seem like that. I also admit that I was uneasy with Wright's comments, but I totally agree that to paint Obama with a Wright brush was fear mongering, stupid, ill advised and plain ol' dopey.

I am not quite sure who I hope to vote for as of now, but if I don't vote for Obama it sure wouldn't be because of this crapola.

Stuff like this, and the stupid email about Obama being a closet terrorist that made the rounds and came to me 6 times,(!) make me want to vote for him out of spite. ;-)

Okay, not really.
And whoever I decide to vote for, if Obama wins I will rejoice that we were able to elect him. I do think that electing a black person is more significant than electing a women.

And for what it's worth, this white lady is appalled by the stupid comment about black hating America.

And I read your earlier Paris Hilton post and said, YES!

I was horrified and disgusted when they let her go because of a "rash." Good golly Miss Molly!
Anyway, blog on. Rational voices on the internet are too few and far between.

We are becoming a very stupid nation, I fear. I mean, I really do fear that.

Brother OMi said...

ironically no one has pointed out what was racist about what Wright said...

personally, i think every move obama has made is going to be put through the ringer.

it is up to the people, and i mean everyone, to seep through the nonsense and see what these candidates are really about.