28 May 2008

Auschwitz or Buchenwald... who cares?

Auschwitz or Buchenwald... who cares?

Barack Obama's Grandfather and/or Great Uncle helped to liberate tortured Jews from a Nazi death camp in World War II. That is a great thing and the Obama family should be proud beyond words at the role their family members played in such a significant event.

It seems as though the Democratic Heir apparent, Barack Obama, was speaking before a crowd yesterday in New Mexico and he mentioned that his Great Uncle had helped to liberate Auschwitz in World War II. It didn't take Republicans long to wikipedia Auschwitz and discover that Soviet troops in fact, liberated the death camp in January of 1945. "Oh, he's a liar! Tar and feather that Boy!" They were quick to yell!!! (okay, maybe they just whispered the tar and feathers part - but I'm sure someone said it!)

Barack has since corrected himself. I believe he got his death camps mixed up. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

You have Auschwitz, where between 1.1 and 2.5 million Jews were killed, and then you have Buchenwald were 56,000 Jews were killed. That is what drives me to ask - Who Cares?

No... NOT "Who Cares about murdered Jews?" I mean - "Who Cares about an error in which camp was liberated?!?!?" You had hundreds of thousands and millions of people that were imprisoned, tortured, murdered and you have crazy Republicans trying to hold a slip of the tongue against a man and his family's military history. Someone is REALLY trying to make that an issue! My God - people, we have to get serious here!!!!

Auschwitz or Buchenwald? Who cares? Why is it that people can't just embrace what Obama's family did? Why create such a furor over something like that? Especially when so few Republicans on The Hill have their own children in Service to our country. Why blow Barack's comments so far out of line. So he said one camp and not the other. Big woop. The Bottom line is this - His Great Uncle was out there in the snow and mud and blood of Germany's battlefield. He was probably getting shot at and watching his fellow soldiers [or Marines] getting killed, but he and many brave others pressed on until a Nazi death camp was put down and liberated. As a lot of people like to say, "He was doing The Damn Thing!" Something like that should not be chewed on and chewed up and used a political fodder by anyone.
This is a serious time America and we need serious people to get our mess straightened out. Play time is over.



DJ Black Adam said...


Man you are soooo right. No one is talking about issues, the media is circling around this type of distarction b/s, it really is sad.

Lovebabz said...

We have reduced oursleves toi "American Idol" politics. Where we allow the media to tear down rather than report and investiage newsworthy items. It is too bad that we are willing to be gossipy, but not intelligent about our news and information.

You my friend are on point!

By the way, how are you? I am well and ingood spirits. I am feeling very good these days!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey DJ BLACK ADAM - what's up Brother? The media is making this whole election such a petty joke.

Hey LOVEBABZ, how are you, Sis? "American Idol Politics" Darn - if THAT doesn't sum it up perfectly, nothing does! Just Perfect!

Gunfighter said...


C'mon, brother... you know the haters are just looking for something... anything that they can say to try to run Obama down. What they don't seem to realize that the Obama train has left the station, and it isn't going to stop until it pulls into the White House next January.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hello there!

I suppose I see this differently. Obama has been hammered for his lack of foreign policy acumen...so THAT is why he needs to be sure that when he opens his mouth, his facts are 100% accurate.

The criticism may be blown out of proportion but when you are POTUS, you can not get these things confused when making public speeches.

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!