04 June 2008

Michelle Obama

Last night as I sat glued to my TV watching Barack Obama acknowledging his history making ascension to the Democratic Party's nomination for President, I was overwhelmed.
Here we are in 2008 and there is a very good chance that the next President of the United States could be an African American man. I am nothing less than astonished. I'm astonished and tremendously proud to be an American on this day. The majority of Democratic voters were able to look [for the most part] past race and they were able to vote for a Black man. WOW! Way to go America!
I was on the edge of my seat for the whole speech. My wife and I were exchanging high-fives and clapping and giving our love to Barack Obama and the future of hope and optimism that we pray he brings. Then he finished with a couple of "God Bless America's" and then suddenly my whole perspective on the night's events changed. Michelle Obama took the stage with her husband.
I have become quite a Michelle Obama fan over the last year or so. I think that she is a very dynamic, intelligent and downright likeable person. For Barack Obama to have captured the heart of a woman like her, it says a lot about his character, and I admire the relationship the two of them appear to have. That is why my perspective changed. Michelle did not appear to be her usual happy and cheerful "potential future-first-lady" self, she looked worried.
She tried to hide it, that stunned, worried look that people get when their spouses step into harms way. It was the look of spouses that kiss their loved ones goodbye before they head off to war. It was the same look that I imagine police officers and fire-fighters spouses give their loved ones when they leave for work. It was the look I assume Coretta Scott King and Betty Shabazz gave their husbands when they went out to change the world.
I have an optimistic streak deep within me, it is in this streak that I believe Barack Obama will change the world, I believe that he will beat John McCain and move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and he'll do amazing things and he'll grow old and gray and write memoirs and give lectures and be an American icon for generations. But, my optimism aside, we live in a world of fanatics, lunatics, racists and hate mongers. We live in a world of danger.
I think this is why My Girl - Michelle looked a little worried last night. She's given us her husband. She's allowed... YES allowed... our country to have a chance for renewed greatness on the back and shoulders of her best friend, her husband, her man, [in her own words] her babies DADDY. She's a smart woman, she knows the dangers that powerful people face, she knows the dangers that powerful men face, she knows the dangers that powerful Black men face - and yet, she's allowed her husband to try and improve our lives.
In all the wonderful and deserved Barack Obama hype that we are now celebrating, let us not forget Michelle. Let us not forget that behind every good man there is an even better woman.
LUV U OBAMA'S!!!!!!!!!!!


Lina said...

OMG!!!! That was absolutely beautiful. I think, in all this, that we can forget sometimes the importance of Michelle Obama, doing her duty as a wife. She is, like you said, allowing her husband to step in harm's way, and that makes her a brave and selfless person. I, too, am worried, and not just because Barack is black, but because he is a product of change, and for some reason, change is hard for some people to cope with.

More people should read this. Im glad that I did.

Charming said...

We have had several conversations with similar themes recently: Colin Powell (and his wife) made it abundantly clear when he chose to not pursue higher office that his personal well being was at the top of the list of reasons why not and nobody can fault him (or rather, them) for that, at all. By the same token though, what Mrs. Obama is giving willingly to this country cannot go un-noted or praised. They, as a family, are assuming a literally deadly risk on behalf of this country, please let's not eff it up.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Thanks a million LINA! I'm with you 100% - his promise of change is enough to get people to against him. And, not just civilians, but actual corporations may want to stand against him. We live in a sometimes crazy and greedy world!

Thanks for dropping a comment!!!

truth said...

Great post,
I think Michelle Obama is a fascinating woman. I'm sure there is some fear in her heart and mind at this time. Under the circumstances, it's perfectly understandable that she is afraid for her husband's safety.

Like you already stated, she knows the dangers that Barrack faces in the coming months and possibly years ahead. The only thing one can really do is confront the fear. I believe they have already talked about the possibility of the unspeakable. This won't eliminate the fear, but it also will not hold you captive either.

To live in the present and take it one day at a time is the best bet for all us.

Nance said...

You know, this is one of the biggest reasons why I am so honestly puzzled when I hear or read someone question Senator Obama's patriotism (mainly because he won't wear a flag pin). This man is risking his very LIFE to run for office, and the office of the President of the United States is a grueling job. It will consume him and pull him away from his family and what WAS his life. His patriotism is patently obvious to me.

And you know, I saw a second thing in Mrs. Obama's expression. She looked so overwhelmed with pride and awe: proud, of course, of her husband, but so awed by what he had done and what he now stood for. The moment was bigger than both of them, and she knew it, yet she was able to bring it back to them, just for a moment, with that fist bump. What genuine people!

Tera said...

I too was quite elated by the news and am proud as the mother of 2 young black men to have witnessed such a beautiful moment in our time...kudos to the Obamas!

Mizrepresent said...

That was absolutely beautiful...she is everything and more to all of us, and yes her sacrifice is great!

Lovebabz said...

I love when strong Black Men---YOU, recognize our roles in your lives! Michells Obaa is all of US. She is all Sisters holding down the hearth and keeping things running smoothly so that her man can conquer the world...which he could not do without her HELP!

Thanks for a fine post on Black love, Love, commitment!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey CHARMING, how are you? I've been thinking a lot about Colin Powell in recent months as Barack's votes kept growing. When he and his wife announced that he wasn't running I fully respected their choice, as I'm sure most people did. I truly hope that we don't F-up what the Obama's are offering us, I mean... U.S.

Hi there, TRUTH - I bet the whole family lives everyday to the fullest. Their faith is strong - no doubt. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Hey NANCE - I saw that pride too. She was very proud and it was hard to hide. I was extremely happy for both of them. The life or death consequences of being POTUS seem to be overlooked by ALL of these nuts making an argument over a doggone pin. This is a serious time for ALL of us.

Hi TERA, thanks for leaving a comment! I think [and hope] Barack is going to be an amazing role model for all young kids, but especially young kids of color. He's just knocking barriers down left and right!

HEY MIZREPRESENT!!! Great to see a comment from you! I don't mean to say this in the jinx kinda' way -- but I think she is going to be OUR Jackie Kennedy. I think if/when Barack wins, we'll be just as enamored with HER as HIM.

Hey LOVEBABZ! You know the Strong Sista's have to ALWAYS be lifted up to the top where they belong!!!

Angie-Nuvision said...

I'm not only looking forward to Senator Obama being in the White House, I'm looking forward to his beautiful wife and children being there with him.
I decided months ago, back in January, that I had deep respect, admiration, and love for Senator Obama. I now feel the same way about his wife and kids.
I pray that God continues to extend His protective hands over them and guard them from the evil that dares to come against them.
God bless the Obamas.

No weapon formed against him, his wife, his kids, or anyone that's linked to Senator Obama shall prosper.

Anali said...

Wonderful post! I'm believing and hoping for the best for the Obama family. Even so, they all are sacrificing and risking a great deal to make our country a better place. Barack and Michelle are people of great vision and strength and are showing true patriotism. They make me so proud!