11 June 2008

What on Earth are they doing?

Why do I know that this will NOT be the last time the American media makes this current election a racist, ignorant, fear driven, sick-minded, debacle? I guess because, I have a brain.
It appears that the ignorant, talking-heads that we have so graciously planted on cable-TV and given their own news shows, loud microphones and bright lights - want to be heard. They want to be heard and they want to say THEE stupidest things so that someone will pay them some attention.
It seems as though Barack and Michelle Obama gave each other a little "dap" onstage last week in St. Paul and the media appears to have gone ape-sh*t over the gesture. Media people on all of the big networks were asking what was "meant by that gesture," and "Why did they do that?" and "What do you call that hand thing?". WHAAAAAAAAAT???
These people claim to be able to present NEWS to the masses. They are supposed to be intelligent enough to present world events, history making events, once in a lifetime events and they are unnerved and baffedly beyond words by a little "fist dap." Give me a freakin' break.
I started to define "fist dap" right here... but then I thought about it. If anyone is kind enough to read this, and living in the United States, and has NOT, repeat - NOT been living under a rock, then they should already know what a "fist dap" or "a pound" or "some dap" is. Therefore I won't waste your valuable blog-reading time.
Back to the talking heads - one Fox News reporter, E.D. Hill went as far as to call the gesture "A terrorist Fist Jab." Hill was promptly repremanded by Fox in public; behind closed doors I'm sure she's a water-cooler hero at Fox, and she probably got a neat little bonus check for the dig against the Obama's.
But, this kind of foolishness, what I call "racial foolishness" is certain to spread in the coming months. I think Barack is going to come under fire for his party of choice, that's a no-brainer, but what we are going to see and read is an amazing amount of racial foolishness from the mainstream media. We are going to see the big media windbags from Fox, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, etc. saying things and making accusations that are going to sound nothing short of insane. The media is going to attack the Obama's because they are not White. Note that I didn't say Black, I said, "Not White."
For the simple fact that the media picked up the gesture and noted it, shows that even the tiniest of things that may not be done by "mainstream" Whites are going to be presented as alien, foreign, void of logic, you-name-it. Every little thing that Barack and Michelle will do overthe rest of this election is going to be hyper-scrutinized. John McCain can drag his wife out onto Pennsylvania Avenue and cover her in whipped cream and chopped nuts from head-to-toe and the media will glance over it with a chuckle and a grin and move into a detailed, three-part, round-table discussion over "Why the Obama's picked NOW to paint their Volvo station-wagon beige?"
We are going to be flooded with some of the dumbest, saddest, most ignorant news reporting in our country's history over the next five months, and I'm sorry to say The Obama's are going to be at the heart of most of it. We are at the most crucial time in our country's existence, employment is down, the economy is down, thousands of Americans are losing their homes each day, crime is up, education is WAY down, we are deep in a recession, gas is approaching $5 a gallon, healthcare is a joke, and our media is acting like the Black guy running for president is sharing a mysterious pact of some sort with his wife.
Until we demand our media to take us seriously as Americans. they never will!!!!


Nina said...

The media personalities can be so ignorant sometimes. A lot of the time on Fox, for sure. I wish I could say that the coverage of "The Dap" is the first of the last and that you are all wrong about how this is going to play out by November. But we all know that would be lie. It's sad, really sad, that this exciting time has to be colored ugly with something as silly and meaningless as giving your spouse some dap.

Nance said...

Sadly, Michelle Obama, classy and educated woman that she is, is now a major target of the far-right Rove/Limbaugh media machine. Whereas she was called the "African-American Jackie O" up until Obama became the nominee, now she's going to be labelled a female Osama. It's downright insulting and would be laughable if it weren't so disgusting. Thank goodness Barack Obama is not going to allow her nor himself to be Swift-Boated. He's already set up a website called fightthesmears.com to debunk all the crap immediately. And as Democrats, Obama supporters, and fair-minded human beings we owe it to ourselves and our country to do our part when we hear this junk and see it in our inboxes or on blogs.

Tera said...

Yeah, the news is really starting to make me angry, and FOX...man that station is starting to piss the shit out of me (excuse my language)!!!

truth said...

Thinking Black Man,
Fox news will be the station that plays the race card the most during the next five months. They represent white cultural values to the extreme. Anything that is outside of the dominant culture's worldview will be criticized and labeled as Un-American. This is why the dap is a news story, its something mainstream white America does not do or consider proper behavior. You're absolutely correct, over the next five months, the Obama's will be criticized for not being White.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hello there,

I have posted the complaint number for Fox News on my blog and the email addresses. We MUST continue to stay on top of racist reporting and commentary! We can't simply be angry...we must blow the trumpet!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Common Sense said...

I'm feeling everyone's comments. If they, White America without common sense, cannot understand something or steal it, then they are quick to claim it as a bad thing. Fox makes me sick to my stomach, and O'Reilly can go to hell. They don't have nothing on the brotha, so they are afraid of what might happen...Obama as President!! This is the kind of fear that they are trying to spread to the rest of White America.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey NINA - I'm with you 100%. I was stunned the other day when I saw a news report based around cookie receipes from Mrs. McCain and Ms. Obama. COOKIE RECEIPES, and it's not even July yet. We're in for a looooong 5 months!

Hi NANCE - I didn't know about that website - what a great idea, being PROACTIVE! I'm going to put a link up on the sidebar right away.

Hello TERA, you sound like me!!! I just keep plenty of aspirin around. FOX is a cruel joke in the media world, I can't believe they have clout like they do!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hello TRUTH - Hmmm TRUTH from TRUTH! You are right on the money. I'm already wondering how much I can handle and at what point will I just declare ENUFF is ENUFF!!!

Hi LISA - how are you! I agree 100%
By the way... you have quite a blog! I have been by several times but I can't seem to leave comments or stay on very long - there is something about the settings on my laptops at home and work that give me problems on your site. I'll keep trying though. THANKS for leaving a comment!!!

Hello COMMON SENSE - you're right. I believe there is a strong push from places I dare not imagine, that are going to do things that will stand in Barack's road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It is almost criminal, and I know that FOX will be leading the media assault. Bastards, they are!

Biggie-Z said...

"Terrorist Fist Jab??" Are they serious??? I HAVE been living under a rock (or rather, piles of briefs; same thing) and even I know what that is. Jeez.

Freeman said...

TMB, remember when Barack dusted his shoulders off they thought he was brushing off Hillary Clinton. Now the terrorist fist bump!

The Masses aren't ready for our body language. Barack has to really watch it when he starts showing he is a Black guy from Chicago and not the Black guy from Kansas.

It's funny to me but it's all code for we don't like the Black Guy. Get ready for more outrageous stuff code name unpatriotic, secret Muslim, and other magically racist words.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

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Anonymous said...


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