12 November 2005

Keepin' it Real... TWO

I've had a few days to think more about my encounter at the subway with the dude and his off the wall hairstyle.

I want to revisit it for a second.

What bothers me goes so much deeper than the braids or the twists or the colored beads. What bothers me is the fact that Black Men today have such a deep legacy to live up to and to and be appreciative of.

So many young brothers out here have no clue and no idea of where they come from. Just 45 short years ago, Black men were still being lynched and murdered for nothing more than just the color of their skin. Black people had to drink from warm, rusty, dirty water fountains - while the whites had fresh cold water. Blacks couldn't look whites in the eyes in many parts of this country. I can go on and count the tragedies and disrespect and human indignities that go back to Jamestown in 1620 - but I won't.

For every tragedy presented to Black people through the course of American history, we had strong, intelligent and determined men and women that struggled and overcame so that today, we have the opportunities that we have. It is these Blacks that roll over in their graves whenever a Black kills another Black; or a Black father abandons the mother of his child; or a Black mother sells her child for a little clump of crack rock. I wish these young men that try their best to look and act as outlandish as they can, would try to show the self respect and race respect they owe the men and women that sacrificed so much before them. I wish they'd try harder to represent our race and themselves in a more positive light.

Now, I'm sure some folks reading this blog will think I mean, "I wish young Blacks would act more 'white' so white folks will like us more." Anyone who thinks this needs to get a clue and get off my website!

I don't think Blacks with hair styles, dress styles, and speech styles that I don't like are bad or need to change. Not at all - it's a free country. The brothers that bother me are the ones the ones that are shooting up their neighborhoods, slingin' dope, trying to pimp Sista's, robbing and stealing, disrespecting others, and just being assholes. The hairstyles and all come into play with me when young people become their own worst enemies. Sure, in a perfect world nobody would pre-judge anyone, and all of us would have a fair chance to express ourselves and show our true talents and skills. But we don't live in a perfect world and many young people that like to say they don't care what people think, and they're just keepin' it real with the hair and the clothes and the attitude. These people are preventing most people from outside of their little 'crews' and their friends from taking them seriously and ever having a chance to really know them and the positive things they have to contribute. Most people [me included] see the outside of these kids and just assume the inside isn't worth checking out. I hope this changes.

Since I'm not happy just criticizing - what I am going to do on this blog from this day on - is create a growing list of Internet links that will take my readers to websites that promote and conduct positive family, business and educational activities within the Black community.

Please share this site with your friends and come again.


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