25 November 2005

More SHAME for FEMA!

FEMA's at it again.
It seems as though you have to point a bright spotlight at FEMA and blow a loud whistle while screaming, "SHAME ON YOU!" to get that sorry Government agency to do anything.

While over 150,000 people are still homeless from hurricane Katrina's devastation of New Orleans, many are on the verge of getting kicked out of their Government funded hotels.

Shortly after the hurricane, Fanny Mae offered FEMA 1500 houses for Katrina evacuees. These homes would be rent free to the Government, and could be used for up to 18 months by the evacuees. To sweeten the deal even more, most of the houses were in Mississippi and 8 other southern states.

What did FEMA do?

NOTHING. FEMA did nothing. No calls, No E-Mails, No NOTHING!

It wasn't until Fannie Mae and various Congressmen brought FEMA's lack of action and enthusiasm to light, that the agency even acknowledged their [get this...] "oversight." FEMA made some very lame excuses, but basically now that people high up on Capital Hill are making some waves, FEMA claims to acting immediately on Fannie Mae's generous offer!

Way to go - FANNIE MAE!!! Mad props to you!!!

FEMA - You're still a lame, pathetic, racist cesspool. The people of Louisiana would like to thank you for the best screwing of their lives.

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