30 November 2005

My Baby's Daddy...

One phenomenon, above all others in the Black community, absolutely amazes me.

That is, THE BABY DADDY phenomenon.

I ride the subway almost everyday and it is here that I see and hear things that I find unbelievable. I find it amazing that so many young Black women, often under the age of 30 have 3 or more kids by multiple men. Many of these men, are no where to be seen or found. But, without fail - these women love to refer to them as "My Baby Daddy."

I think in the 90's these lame males were called, "My Baby Fava [father]" but that has since been dropped for 'daddy.'

I'm not sure what angers me more - the fact that so many Black kids are growing up in broken homes, the progeny of irresponsible, ignorant, and horny men and women, OR the fact that so many young women have come to embrace the phrase "My Baby Daddy" like a badge of honor.

I also can't get past the fact that... okay - you slip up once and get pregnant, or get someone pregnant and a kid is born. But then to turn around and go do the same god-damn thing again and again and again! It pisses me the hell off. NOT because these men and women have no kind of self respect or self control , but because they leaving a wake of little Black children that are starting life disadvantaged, growing up disadvantaged, and often times doomed to live disadvantaged lifes forever.

Yeah sure, I know some kids do well when raised by just mom and grand-mom, but I'm talking about the large numbers of women, who - themselves are sometimes uneducated, or simply dim-witted (yeah - I said it!) and they hook up with equally dim-witted guys and make a bunch of little babies. The fact is - often times when Dumb Dad punks out and runs away, dim-witted mommy isn't smart enough to stop sleeping with losers and having more babies and then she isn't smart or strong enough to educate her kids, to read to her kids, to give them good morals and the intellectual tools to make their dreams come true. These kids just grow up with the bare minimum - some food, some name brand clothes (of course!), and a basketball.

Deep down I cry for the kids born of losers, who will have a million to one shot of being anything more than losers themselves. I cry for the dumb assed males who are too scared and too stupid to realize that nothing in the world will make them a bigger man than doing right by their children. I cry for dumb assed women with 3, 4, 5, 6... little babies by 3,4,5,6... or more different men - all of whom fucked her and then fucked her again nine months later.

I cry for the fact that I can't find every Black man that is a deadbeat Baby Daddy, and whip their asses!

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