01 December 2005

Roe, Roe, Roe v. Wade gently down the stream...

The Christian Conservative Right that runs this country is living for one day and one day only. The day the Supremes overturn Roe v. Wade.

I expect half naked white kids and pasty old men and women dancing and frolicking in the streets from coast to coast the day of the decision. People will be getting "Pro-Life" tattooed on their asses and foreheads and basically all of the red states will glow a little brighter under their own self-righteousness. Ah, yes - there will be celebrations in the victory over the evil abortion lovin', tree huggin' baby kissin' Left-wing liberals!

Ahh, the streets will run creamy and sticky with the flowing milk and honey of Christian Conservative purity.

But what I find most amusing in all this, is when Roe v. Wade is overturned, and it will be if Bush gets to name one more Supreme, is that when the daughters of these current pro-lifers get knocked up. Mom and dad are gonna hustle them to the nearest blue state for a quicky abortion. See, when abortion loses its federal protection, the individual states can wage their own little wars to see where abortions are legal and where they're illegal. The states will probably line up much like they did when Dubba-ya got elected [the first time] in 2004. Blues will be pro-choice, and Reds will be pro-life. But mark my words. Many of these pro-lifers will march and sing and even kill to stop people from having abortions, but when they win their battle and little Susie or little Katelyn ends up knocked up by the blond haired blue eyed quarterback... these folks are gonna sweep their daughters to the blue states and into the stirrups so fast, your head will spin!

This fight against RVW is nearing the end. These pro-lifers are happy to wave their bibles and tell the world how wrong young women are for having abortions, but when the tide is turned and their own daughters are holding EPT's (Early Pregnancy Tests) with the little blue plus signs. The rules they've been fighting for will no longer apply.

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