16 December 2005

It's okay. The white guys were drunk.

Only alcohol fueled white kids cause trouble.

For Blacks, Latinos, Philippino's, Asians, Hispanics, Cubans, Haitians, Dominicans, etc. it is often anti-social behavior driven by poor education, lack of self control, inborn violence, or poor conflict resolution skills - all this according to the media.

But when whites act like fools and show their rage or their racism or their plan old ignorance - the mass media is quick to nullify its significance by just writing them off as "rowdy drunk kids." These reports, if you read between the lines, are basically saying - "It's okay, the white guys were drunk, they didn't mean any harm."

This past weekend in Australia was a great example of this drunk "white guy" rage - according to the media. It seems as though hundreds of white males went on a violent rampage attacking people of apparent middle-eastern descent. These attacks were very violent and destructive but all - ALL - accounts brushed their actions off with the precursor... "Today, hundreds of drunk men..."

Here are some actual quotes from mainstream media.
"On Sunday a mob of 5,000 white men, many of them drunk, attacked men they believed were of Middle Eastern descent" (SOURCE - CNN)

"About 5,000 white men, many of them drunk, targeted people believed to be of Arab or Middle Eastern descent..." (SOURCE - FORBES)

However, when Blacks or Latinos or anyone else act like fools, it's presented to the world, almost like... "here these savages go again..." That is almost how it is presented! I hate the way white guys are allowed to act like complete asses in the public light, and have there behavior 'white-washed' with the soapy foam of a cold Budweiser.


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