05 December 2005

Homeland Insecurity

Tom Kean is the ex-Governor of New Jersey and the former chairman of the 9/11 Commission. Recently the members of the Commission gave President Bush and his White House a series of failing grades in implementing their recommendations for prevent future terrorist attacks in this country.

Of course, President Bush sent his National Security guy, Stephen Hadley to the media with catchy soundbites: "America is safer but not yet safe." President Bush also said that measures requested by the commission still have to be passed by congress, and that will take time...

Can someone please give me a freakin' break here? I mean is this complete bullshit or what?

The congress IS Republican and the congress hasn't said, "No." to Bush for ANYTHING he truly wants them to pass. The facts are like this: The threat of Terrorism is not a legitimate concern of this administration. Bush and his cronies are only successful when they are scaring people and when they can point to radicals and say, "Look at these people that want to hurt us." That's all they can do well, so why should they want to REALLY prevent the only thing that can boost the Presidents approval rating. Just as they turned their heads on pre 9/11 warnings that Al-Qaeda was planning on high jacking planes, they are turning their heads away from logical steps that could make our country safer.

With Bush's national approval rating at 37% [or less] and considering his poor track record with good decisions, I'm sure that some of his henchmen are whispering in his ear, "Mr. President, you know that terrorist events make YOU look VERY presidential. So, maybe we should look like we're TRYING to do something good, but we'll drag our feet and then blame the democrats in congress for slowing things down. That way, we come out blameless, and the Dem's come out looking stupid, lazy and weak. You know - like they always do."

I can't help but feel that the Bush White House is willing to arrogantly take our national safety for granted by carelessly disregarding the practical and achievable goals of the 9/11 recommendations.

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