20 April 2006

Al Qaeda Stooges

Something about Zacarias Moussaoui has always made me suspect that he was the Al Qaeda patsy. The screw up. The Curly out of the 20 Al Qaeda Stooges.

His crazy outbursts and declarations of “Death to America!” and “Burnin’ the USA!” have always made me suspect that he wanted to… needed to die, so that he could feel like he was a victim in Al Qaeda’s jihad against America. If he inflamed the judge and jurors and public enough, then they’d order him to die. Then he’d be happy.

I’ve always believed that Zacarias was an Al Qaeda clinger on. Wanting to be just one of the guys. Basically he was the biggest loser among a group of big losers, the biggest asshole among a group of big assholes.

I imagine that his boys in the plan called him before he got arrested and told him, “Yes, Zack! You are very important to us! Make sure you meet us at the airport first thing on Wednesday, September 12th! We can’t do this without you!” Then they hung up, snickering and saying, “Zacarias is such a camel’s hump!”

Now, I’m convinced that Zacarias is a desperate fool. Now, he’s grasping at straws! He’s claiming that he and Richard Reid (The Shoe Bomber) were part of the plan for 9/11. I’m sure when Reid heard this he was like, “What the Fu*k?”

I think Reid is another loser among losers…

Let’s think about him for a second. In the weeks following 9/11 this asshole tries to strike a match on a plane, while in his seat, so he can light a fuse on his shoe. Now, how stupid is this guy? I mean – if you look up the word TERRORIST in the dictionary, you see Richard Reid’s ugly face. I’m sure every person on that plane was watching his crazy looking ass like a hawk!!! And then he lights a match… Now, I’m glad he got caught – don’t get me wrong. But he had half a brain, he would have gone into the bathroom and lit the shoe undisturbed. But he decides, ‘I’m gonna light my shoe bomb in front of the WHOLE PASSENGER SECTION of the plane. He’s so lucky I wasn’t on that plane because I would have beaten him to death JUST for being stupid enough to pull that stunt.

And now, Zacarias is claiming this guy, Reid, was his partner?

One thing I’ll give Al Qaeda credit for, they sure know how to weed out their dead weight – Moussaoui and Reid were clearly riding the little blue camel to school.

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