27 April 2006

Greenline Fusion in DC.

Now, in the District of Columbia, on the Metro system, you are supposed to use headphones or the ever popular 'ear buds' when listening to your radios, CD players, MP3 players and anything else that makes noise of one kind or another.

This is a cute rule. It sounds good - but in reality it means nothing, many [but not all] people listen to their music so loud that the people around them are sharing the sonic expression.

I fell into a funny/funky haze on the way to work this morning. Diagonal to me, three rows away, this young guy was playing some mellow new age stuff that seemed loud to me - 10 feet away. I actually expected to see blood trickling down the side of his head from the two ruptured eardrums in his head. Then right in front of me sat this big dude in this tiny shirt which made him look like a polyester sausage. He was blasting some rap song with these crazy, explicit lyrics. Aside from F**k, B***h, S**t, and N***a... I don't really think there was rhyme nor reason to the song. But I found myself amazed at the musical fusion between the random mindless cursing and the ebbing and flowing of homeboys new age schmoz. I'm not going to say I liked it... but I found it interesting.

Then, the walking keilbasa got off at U Street Cordoza and took his lyrical grace with him. And, as fate would have it, at the next stop [Shaw / Howard University] he was replaced by this kid blasting what sounded like Heavy Metal [or Death Metal or whatever they call it now]. I tried to pick up a revised fusion, but I was unsuccessful. Had Gallery Place not been so close, I may have had time to slip into a screaming, yelling, guitar banging, flute tooting trance.


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Native Son said...

I catch the Greenline to get home and I have an ipod. 9 times out of 10 you can not hear music from people who have ipods; its's the people who have those old CD walkmans with the 1980 headphones. I know ipods are expensive and a lot of people don't have the budget for them but damn, be consderate to other people. If I have on my ipod and can hear the music you pumping on your walkman then you need to turn it down!!!! And then when you give them the "umm don't you think your music is too loud" stare, they look back at you like your crazy. UGH that pisses me off to the upmost. They know they music is loud, especially the ignorant ass ones who start bopping their head real hard and even rapping alon with the lyrics. Some people just have no tact what so ever