28 April 2006

Zombies. drones, robots and Borg...

I think that if the right people, in the right place, at the right time - told the public, "You must have a giant, red, blinking light strapped to your forehead." Then thousands, maybe even millions, of people would run out and pay $79.99 to get these red lights. Simply because they heard it was the thing to do, and everyone around them was doing it.

Hell, maybe that's why I'm blogging. Who knows?

But, right now - my rant of the day is directed at all these damn Bluetooth users that walk around all day with these cigarette-lighter sized devices with the blinking blue light, stuck in their ears. They kinda' give me the creeps, because the user looks like a zombie walking about - disconnected from the sights and sounds of the real world around them and tuned in squarely with the digital audio input to their one 'connected' ear.

Women with long hair using Blue Tooths [Blue Teeth?] freak me out the most because you don't always know if their wearing one or just plain losing their minds. I was around one woman not too long ago with a Blue Tooth and out of the blue (no pun intended) she goes, "Hey, how's going?" [pause] "Yeah." [pause] "No." [pause] "Maybe." [pause] "No, I'm not doing anything!" [pause] "Yeah, sure. We can talk later!" [pause] "You'll call me in an hour?" [pause] "Okay. Bye"

I guess she absolutely HAD to have a Blue Tooth so she could be ready at a split-seconds notice to talk loudly into Cyber Space so that all of us would be a part of her little boring world.

I decided to write this particular blog because a little while ago I got on an elevator with a woman wearing this vacant look on her face. I spoke and got no reply as she just stared straight ahead and grunted once as we descended floor after floor. After steeling myself to take a peek at the drone next to me, I noticed the robotic blinking device protruding from her head. She was Blue Toothing. I have to say that I was glad to find that she wasn't some grunting groaning screwjob waiting to murder me, alone in an elevator... she was just assimilating with the digital masses... You know... Like The Borg.


(Make Exxon pay for the Valdez! The people in Prince William Sound have still not received a penny from a $4.5 BILLION court settlement made over 17 years ago! And, Exxon recorded $36 BILLION in PROFIT last year! And, $9 BILLION in first quarter profit this year! We must stand against this thirsty and greedy oil giant!)

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