14 April 2006

The DUKE of spin...

The Spin Doctor is in!

I see today that suddenly the police report from the night of the alleged rape of a black stripper by members of the Duke lacrosse team has surfaced. This seems to be the first time this recording has come to light. Oddly, it happens within 48 hours of the hiring of Bob Bennett as the public relations/legal advisor of the lacrosse team by a group of Duke boosters.

In case that name is faintly familiar, Bob Bennett is the spin doctor that saved Bill Clinton during the height of the Paula Jones sexual harassment case back in the day. This folks are scared down there so they are bringing out the Big Gunz for their All-American Boys.

One thing that stands out with this tape - which by the way, was made by a police officer at a gas station where he picked up the alledged victim. The officers says something like, "She's okay, she just looks passed out drunk..."


You know, I'd personally like to put that cop in a bathroom for 30 minutes and let 3 of those liquored-up, athletic, Duke lacrosse players get Broke Back Mountain with his ass against his will. I guarentee that he'll be in pretty bad shape when he comes out... he may even look passed out drunk!

I don't really know what happed to that young lady at that party. All I know is that I want the truth to come out and justice to be blindly served.

But I can say this, unashamedly - if this stripper was a blonde haired blue eyed girl... somebody would have taken a perp walk by now. Even if they were innocent, somebody would have been arrested. And God forbid, if the girl was white and the basketball team stood accused... the NCAA would have suspended the team for four years, half of the guys would have taken a perp walk on all of the major networks world news, the coaches and athletic directors would have been fired, confessions would have been beaten out of a couple of guys... things would be bad down there.

But alas, she was black and they were white; she was a lowly stripper and these were the fair haired American boys... let's hope justice truly has her blindfold on tight. I'm sure Bob Bennett will be tugging at it with all his might.

(Stop giving record profits to Exxon! Buy gas from CITGO!)

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