15 June 2006

Angry-as-HELL Black Man...

This is the only WARNING I'm giving to anyone the offends easily...

"If you offend easily, please STOP and proceed to another of my entries. Thank you for visiting The Thinking Black Man."

I'm pissed off!
It seems as though 13 year old Deangelo Borras was standing in the courtyard of his apartment in Southwest Washington DC last night, talking with his 32 year old mentor. Deangelo was a bright eyed and handsome little kid that had just passed the 7th grade and was probably planning on spending the rest of the summer swimming and playing with his friends. I say 'probably' because we will never know. Three little motherfuckers walked up on the two of them and gunned Deangelo and his mentor down - killing the 13 year old.

Three young black males armed with handguns walked up to them and shot them down in cold blood. I have to ask, "What the fuck is wrong with so many of these young black males?"

Yeah, yeah - I know the 'Company Line'
"white kids commit crimes too..."
"the media doesn't focus on crimes that white kids do..."

I don't doubt for a second that white kids commit crime, but I do NOT believe that dozens of murders by white kids in DC and its surrounding counties are being covered up and hidden in some well orchestrated scheme by radio news, televised news and written news. To me that is just the argument of folks that refuse to accept that there is a problem with a frightening proportion of young black males!!! Don't try to point the finger of violent crime into the mysterious ether of "white kids that commit crimes too."

I am not too worried about white kids - there, I said it.

I am worried that it will be a young black boy that will stick a gun in my face, I am worried that it will be a young black boy that will car-jack my wife, I am worried that it will be a young black boy that will stick up my kid on the way to school. Why? Why you ask? Why is a Black Man more concerned about being victimized by young blacks than young whites?

Because my fucking eyes are open!!! That's why!!!

Now, I'm not scared of black kids. And, I believe the vast majority of our kids are bright eyed, positive and hopeful youngsters. The ones that scare me... I mean ANGER me, are the ones like these little assholes that got on the train with me yesterday - a half dozen young boys, ages 12 to 16, all with these crazy ass looking hairstyles and baggy clothes hanging off their asses, cussin' loud, swinging from the rails, yelling and like god-damn fools. When they got off the train and before the doors closed, they yelled and cursed back into the train and kicked the window where a man was trying to doze. They were like fucking animals!

And then there are the young black males wanted for the murder of Donald Victor in Tacoma, MD. These animals pulled a gun on him, demanded his wallet, made him lie down and then shot and killed him before scurrying away like the fucking cock roaches that they are. The little bastards were caught on video at a convenience store using his credit card to buy snacks and shit. He's dead and these motherfuckers are buying Little Debbie pies.

Then there are the young black males that came upon a 63 year old David Rosenbaum in Northwest DC. They beat him in the head with a pipe and stole his wallet and cellphone. He died and they used his cell phone to call friends and family and then used his cards to buy rims.

And, we have the young black male that, on May 19th, stuck a gun to the head of an infant in his mothers arms to rob and carjack the mother here in Maryland.

Then a few weeks ago, traffic into DC came to an hours long delay because four young black males had stolen a Dodge Durango and decided to try and outrun the police. Of course these lil'bastards had no remorse for innocent people or property that didn't belong to them. They pulled out onto busy New York Ave. a main artery into the city and crashed into four other vehicles injuring 7 people and causing miles and hours of delays.

I could go on and on with heinous crimes committed recently in the Maryland/DC area - murders, shootings, car jackings, robberies the list is endless. But my bottom line is this - I don't give a fuck about what white kids do out in suburbia, yeah, I know they have some sick bastards too - one of them killed two cops in Virginia a few weeks ago, but what I AM concerned about, is the fact that where I live and where I work and where I shop and where I play, and where my friends live, work, shop and play - we are more likely to be victimized, violently - by a young male with skin the same color as ours. And, that shit pisses me off!!!



Ann said...

You were not lying when you said if "you did not want to be offended", read no further.

I am becoming very frightened of the "Taxi Driver" and "Death Wish" outlook I am developing towards young black males. Especially young black males who make me ashamed of being a black person.

You remember Travis Bickle, don't you? He got fed up with all the human refuse of the world. And I know you remember Paul Kersey.

These "humans" (and please, do not call them animals; I have the utmost respect for animals, and no where do I see cats, dogs, bison, elk, camels, snakes, birds, fish or any other animal acting like a human being. Please. They deserve better than to be put into the same category with humans. I see only humans acting like wretched filth.), are not fit to live among those of us who are tryng to make it in this world.

They have no respect for life. They have no regard for people of their own race. They give not a damn about all the hells black men and women went through under slavery, Reconstruction and jim crow segregation. They care not of the history of black people in this country. So, how can they have any respect for the life of a black person?

Now, let them go over to some up-scale or middle-class all-white neighborhood and try and pull this s++t, and they will not live to see the next day.

But, hey, they are such gutless cowards they would not try and overrun white people the way they do black people.

They hold black people's lives as less than worth giving a damn about. So, it is easy for them to destroy a black person:

"Oh, we better not run over into Massa's part of town, 'cause he, his heavily-armed wife, his heavily-armed son, his heavily-armed 6-year-old daughter, will blow our useless asses away! Nuh, uh-uh! Better leave Massa alone! Let's go take all of our garbage-pail, trashy outlook on life out on the black folks! Afterall, who gives a damn about them! We sure as hell do not!"

The only recourse for creatures like this:

Keep as many of your "friends" as you can near you and in your hands.

Oh, the friends?

AR-15, Mac-10; shotgun; Thompson; Tech-9; flame-thrower. Just to name a few.

Anyone who goes out of their way to destroy human life, should be prepared to face the consequences.

Don't want to be destroyed, then don't destroy those around you.

Ann said...


I'm just making the rounds before the day ends to wish you:

Happy 4TH of JULY!

Thanks for having a great blog site.

Native Son said...

Man, you are on point. what really angers me is that one of the boys had a mini arsenal in his room at his mothers apartment. How do you not know your damn child has a mini arsenal of weapons in his room?? I am sorry but some of the parents need to be fined and arrested as well. and who was this 32 y/o mentor the victim was talking to at midnight? they should have been inside the house, he was too young to be outside that late. This just pisses me off, because the crime wave in this area is mostly being committed by our people. We can't complain about nothing that white people are doing to us as long as we keep up wit hthis destuctive behavior

The Thinking Black Man said...

I feel ya'... I was wondering about what the mentor was doing talking to him at that time too. I guess I just hoped that it was legit!

With the kid and the arsenal... you've got some of these parents that are either to busy at the club to even see what their kids are up to, or they're halfway scared of their kids or they want so hard to be their kids 'friend' that they never think to 'invade' the kids bedroom. Its crazy man, you know it.

I am not Star Jones said...

I'm angry too.

but don't know why black men continue to kill each other so easily?

I will never understand this. I will never understand why black people are comfortable with murdering each other in cold blood.