06 June 2006

SHOWTIME At the subway!!!

I think 95% of the people that ride the DC metro, ride it to get from point A to point B; to get to and from work or school; to do what they've gotta' do to save some time and some gas.

But then I think there are people that ride the trains to get the attention that they desperately want and need.

Today I was treated to an awful rendition of a Whitney Houston song by a half dozen teenage girls. These girls were too old to be acting so rowdy and too unskilled to to be doing ANYTHING musical.

A few days ago, I was treated to a weird sermon by an African woman who walked up and down the Greenline rambling on loudly about something in Revelation. I really find these people annoying. I don't need or want some goofball to read scripture to me or to pretend to be a preacher. I want them to just sit down and shut up. On top of that, I'm a Christian, but I'm not a 'gang mentality' Christian - so, I'm fairly respectful to people of other religious walks. And when I hear these jack-legged subway preachers trying to spout from the New Testiment, I tend to think about the folks on the train that might not be Christian... I don't think I'd want someone standing over me at U Street Cardoza yelling from the Quran!!!

Then there are the people that want to get on the train and sign hymms. They always seem to stand right next to me for some reason. I've got no truck with religion or hymms, but I want to hear them when I WANT TO HEAR them, NOT when somebody else decides they want to perform them for me!

Oh yeah - and then there was the transgender dude that sat in front of me earlier this week. I was reading my paper and this woman sat down in front of me. She was blasting go-go music on her MP3 player. I happened to notice that she kept looking all around. Behind her, in front of her, to the sides, she was just looking all over. It was during one of these 'looks' that I really noticed her face - it was hard and manly looking. You could probably strike a match across her cheek. She was rough looking. That's when I realized SHE was a dude. Then as if on cue, she started singing with this deep and heavy mans voice. Everybody turned to look at him. Then he started throwing his hair... his uh, weave and he had these big, hard looking man hands. It was kinda' awful. After a few steps he/she stood up and pranced to the doors where he made sure everyone on the train noticed him as he left. It was weird.

And then there are the people that like to yell on their cell phones and share their personal information, as if anyone within 20 feet gives a damn. And then their are the girls that wear the skimpy outfits and spend the whole ride looking at everyone to see who is looking at them.

I just figure, this is probably the only attention many of these people get all day. So, I just schrug my shoulders and bury my face in my paper.

Never a dull moment on the Greenline.



Stephen Bess said...

The worst time of the year for me is when school is in. I dread hearing the senseless gossip and constant talk about fighting. On top of all that they sit up and curse just for the hell of it and LOUD! I feel you man. Nice post and blog.

The Thinking Black Man said...

You ever notice how many of these kids will dish out three or four high-caliber curse words and then peek around the train to see who's looking at them? I've tried to talk to some of these kids every so often, but after a long day a work and knowing that MY kids are at home waiting for me, I just don't always feel like being somebody else's dad or big brother.

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