14 June 2006

Gay Marriage and The Constitution

I love the way Republicans bring out the "gays."

Whenever election time comes around and times are looking rough - the Republicans bring out the gays and they start needing to Amend the United States Constitution. Most American's fall for this right away and they hit the panic button.

This is a beautiful ploy, I must say-

You have the ultra religious here in the US that whenever they hear about gays being subjected to ANY kind of restriction or punishment - they vote in favor of whoever wants to do it! This sneaky little tactic brings a good portion of black non-Republicans into the Red voting mindset. These poor lost souls forget that the Republican party gives less than a damn about most black folks, but when Bush thumps a bible and calls gays a 'danger' to "our way of life," these folks come-a-runnin' ballot in hand!

Then you have the rural Mom's and Pop's in the Mid-West that would absolutely die in the middle of their driveways while drinking big glasses of sun-tea, the very minute Chad and Bobby move into the nice three bedroom down the street. So they too vote with the homophobe masses.

I have to hand it to the Republicans - they are the sneakiest, most low down bastards in the world. Sadly, I find myself more angry with my party - the Dumocrats. Uh, Democrats. For all the vile and conniving of the Republicans the Democrats match it step for step with cowardice, stupidity and weakness. The Republicans can take almost any issue - good or bad and spin it into greatness for themselves and few, FEW if any Democrats manage to stand up and call lies "LIES." Most of them sit back and whisper cute little sound bites for the media, but that doesn't mean shit. Republicans set the pace and the most the Democrats do is argue that they are not that different from the Republicans, just a little. That is why John Kerry's lame ass lost the election for us. He spent all of his time bobbing and weaving and jabbing at the obstacles that Karl Rove and the Republicans threw at him. The Bush team roped that dope.

If Kerry had grown a set of balls and real backbone - something few Democrats have managed in the last 7 years... he would have been on the campaign trail - burning George Bush's ass in effigy at every single stop! He should have been screaming at the top of his lungs - "Fuck the swiftboat mob! I served! I got hurt! I kept fighting! Now let me tell you why George Bush is fucking this country up and let me tell you why I won't!"

But now, I'm getting off subject.

Like I said to begin - It amazes me how American's fall for the "gay" issue whenever and however the Republicans tell them too. Their cold, heartless calculations are unmistakeably impressive.



Native Son said...

thats how the GOP gets black people all the time. They go to J.D. Jakes and all these other mega church ministers and it just trickles down to some of our people. We get so caught up on the gay issue that we ignore or choose not to pay attention to eudcation, teen pregnancy, and economic development. we are so easily misguided. It is really sad

The Thinking Black Man said...

Yeah... like sheep lead to the slaughter. Sadly, some black's feel their doing their "Christian Duty" to come down on the anti-gay side of the issue - Republican history with Black folks - be damned!