28 April 2006

Zombies. drones, robots and Borg...

I think that if the right people, in the right place, at the right time - told the public, "You must have a giant, red, blinking light strapped to your forehead." Then thousands, maybe even millions, of people would run out and pay $79.99 to get these red lights. Simply because they heard it was the thing to do, and everyone around them was doing it.

Hell, maybe that's why I'm blogging. Who knows?

But, right now - my rant of the day is directed at all these damn Bluetooth users that walk around all day with these cigarette-lighter sized devices with the blinking blue light, stuck in their ears. They kinda' give me the creeps, because the user looks like a zombie walking about - disconnected from the sights and sounds of the real world around them and tuned in squarely with the digital audio input to their one 'connected' ear.

Women with long hair using Blue Tooths [Blue Teeth?] freak me out the most because you don't always know if their wearing one or just plain losing their minds. I was around one woman not too long ago with a Blue Tooth and out of the blue (no pun intended) she goes, "Hey, how's going?" [pause] "Yeah." [pause] "No." [pause] "Maybe." [pause] "No, I'm not doing anything!" [pause] "Yeah, sure. We can talk later!" [pause] "You'll call me in an hour?" [pause] "Okay. Bye"

I guess she absolutely HAD to have a Blue Tooth so she could be ready at a split-seconds notice to talk loudly into Cyber Space so that all of us would be a part of her little boring world.

I decided to write this particular blog because a little while ago I got on an elevator with a woman wearing this vacant look on her face. I spoke and got no reply as she just stared straight ahead and grunted once as we descended floor after floor. After steeling myself to take a peek at the drone next to me, I noticed the robotic blinking device protruding from her head. She was Blue Toothing. I have to say that I was glad to find that she wasn't some grunting groaning screwjob waiting to murder me, alone in an elevator... she was just assimilating with the digital masses... You know... Like The Borg.


(Make Exxon pay for the Valdez! The people in Prince William Sound have still not received a penny from a $4.5 BILLION court settlement made over 17 years ago! And, Exxon recorded $36 BILLION in PROFIT last year! And, $9 BILLION in first quarter profit this year! We must stand against this thirsty and greedy oil giant!)

27 April 2006

Greenline Fusion in DC.

Now, in the District of Columbia, on the Metro system, you are supposed to use headphones or the ever popular 'ear buds' when listening to your radios, CD players, MP3 players and anything else that makes noise of one kind or another.

This is a cute rule. It sounds good - but in reality it means nothing, many [but not all] people listen to their music so loud that the people around them are sharing the sonic expression.

I fell into a funny/funky haze on the way to work this morning. Diagonal to me, three rows away, this young guy was playing some mellow new age stuff that seemed loud to me - 10 feet away. I actually expected to see blood trickling down the side of his head from the two ruptured eardrums in his head. Then right in front of me sat this big dude in this tiny shirt which made him look like a polyester sausage. He was blasting some rap song with these crazy, explicit lyrics. Aside from F**k, B***h, S**t, and N***a... I don't really think there was rhyme nor reason to the song. But I found myself amazed at the musical fusion between the random mindless cursing and the ebbing and flowing of homeboys new age schmoz. I'm not going to say I liked it... but I found it interesting.

Then, the walking keilbasa got off at U Street Cordoza and took his lyrical grace with him. And, as fate would have it, at the next stop [Shaw / Howard University] he was replaced by this kid blasting what sounded like Heavy Metal [or Death Metal or whatever they call it now]. I tried to pick up a revised fusion, but I was unsuccessful. Had Gallery Place not been so close, I may have had time to slip into a screaming, yelling, guitar banging, flute tooting trance.


(Stand against Exxon, Shell and Chevron! Billions in profits are criminal when they tie a noose around the necks of Americans and shake our pockets empty!)

20 April 2006

Al Qaeda Stooges

Something about Zacarias Moussaoui has always made me suspect that he was the Al Qaeda patsy. The screw up. The Curly out of the 20 Al Qaeda Stooges.

His crazy outbursts and declarations of “Death to America!” and “Burnin’ the USA!” have always made me suspect that he wanted to… needed to die, so that he could feel like he was a victim in Al Qaeda’s jihad against America. If he inflamed the judge and jurors and public enough, then they’d order him to die. Then he’d be happy.

I’ve always believed that Zacarias was an Al Qaeda clinger on. Wanting to be just one of the guys. Basically he was the biggest loser among a group of big losers, the biggest asshole among a group of big assholes.

I imagine that his boys in the plan called him before he got arrested and told him, “Yes, Zack! You are very important to us! Make sure you meet us at the airport first thing on Wednesday, September 12th! We can’t do this without you!” Then they hung up, snickering and saying, “Zacarias is such a camel’s hump!”

Now, I’m convinced that Zacarias is a desperate fool. Now, he’s grasping at straws! He’s claiming that he and Richard Reid (The Shoe Bomber) were part of the plan for 9/11. I’m sure when Reid heard this he was like, “What the Fu*k?”

I think Reid is another loser among losers…

Let’s think about him for a second. In the weeks following 9/11 this asshole tries to strike a match on a plane, while in his seat, so he can light a fuse on his shoe. Now, how stupid is this guy? I mean – if you look up the word TERRORIST in the dictionary, you see Richard Reid’s ugly face. I’m sure every person on that plane was watching his crazy looking ass like a hawk!!! And then he lights a match… Now, I’m glad he got caught – don’t get me wrong. But he had half a brain, he would have gone into the bathroom and lit the shoe undisturbed. But he decides, ‘I’m gonna light my shoe bomb in front of the WHOLE PASSENGER SECTION of the plane. He’s so lucky I wasn’t on that plane because I would have beaten him to death JUST for being stupid enough to pull that stunt.

And now, Zacarias is claiming this guy, Reid, was his partner?

One thing I’ll give Al Qaeda credit for, they sure know how to weed out their dead weight – Moussaoui and Reid were clearly riding the little blue camel to school.

14 April 2006

The DUKE of spin...

The Spin Doctor is in!

I see today that suddenly the police report from the night of the alleged rape of a black stripper by members of the Duke lacrosse team has surfaced. This seems to be the first time this recording has come to light. Oddly, it happens within 48 hours of the hiring of Bob Bennett as the public relations/legal advisor of the lacrosse team by a group of Duke boosters.

In case that name is faintly familiar, Bob Bennett is the spin doctor that saved Bill Clinton during the height of the Paula Jones sexual harassment case back in the day. This folks are scared down there so they are bringing out the Big Gunz for their All-American Boys.

One thing that stands out with this tape - which by the way, was made by a police officer at a gas station where he picked up the alledged victim. The officers says something like, "She's okay, she just looks passed out drunk..."


You know, I'd personally like to put that cop in a bathroom for 30 minutes and let 3 of those liquored-up, athletic, Duke lacrosse players get Broke Back Mountain with his ass against his will. I guarentee that he'll be in pretty bad shape when he comes out... he may even look passed out drunk!

I don't really know what happed to that young lady at that party. All I know is that I want the truth to come out and justice to be blindly served.

But I can say this, unashamedly - if this stripper was a blonde haired blue eyed girl... somebody would have taken a perp walk by now. Even if they were innocent, somebody would have been arrested. And God forbid, if the girl was white and the basketball team stood accused... the NCAA would have suspended the team for four years, half of the guys would have taken a perp walk on all of the major networks world news, the coaches and athletic directors would have been fired, confessions would have been beaten out of a couple of guys... things would be bad down there.

But alas, she was black and they were white; she was a lowly stripper and these were the fair haired American boys... let's hope justice truly has her blindfold on tight. I'm sure Bob Bennett will be tugging at it with all his might.

(Stop giving record profits to Exxon! Buy gas from CITGO!)

11 April 2006

What am I missing, here?

With all the national hype over immigration and all the protests and demonstrations from coast to coast I've been watching things and feeling like I'm missing something.

I didn't know what I was missing, but I assumed it would come to me. Then I looked at the front of the newspaper on Tuesday morning and I saw it. Right there, plain as day. A young Latino man was holding a banner that read:


I work near the Mall in DC, so I was able to see first hand hundreds of thousands of Hispanic and Latino demonstrators coming together for one cause. How I feel about that cause isn't an issue right now, I'll touch on it in another blog - but what I saw was a glipse at the future powerbase in America.

We Blacks had better come together and begin to unite and focus on what role we want to play in the future of this country. We have gone from the number one minority to the number two minority, behind Latinos. They are steadily growing in numbers and so are we. But our numbers are largely growing in single parent homes and theirs are growing in more nuclear structured settings. In the long run, our disadvantaged children will be competing and losing economically and politically to their children.

Depending on how this whole immigration thing works out, the Latino presence in this country is going to be a significant force to deal with, poloitically, economically and socially. There have been dozens of demonstartions bringing out hundreds of thousands of people of all ages, all for one cause. We as Black people have to find a way to rally our masses to create our own agenda for the next 100 years in this country. I deeply worry that not enough of us care enough or are intelligent enough to see that this nation is on the dawn of some very significant changes. If we don't start moving to unite - then we will be divided. Once we are divided, we will then be defeated.

-The Thinking Black Man

03 April 2006

Congresswoman Cynthia "Punchy" McKinney

I was really bothered when Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney claimed racial profiling when she was stopped by Capitol police while entering the Capitol last week.

I think what bothers me the most is, as a Black man, I have been stopped by the police so many times that I actually lost count. Granted, most of these stops happened when I was under 25 years old, but the fact remained, I was mainly stopped because I was Black.

Claiming that she was stopped because she was Black, actually takes away from the hundreds of racially motivated police 'stops' that take place every day in this country. McKinney asked to be stopped because she was not wearing her Congressional lapel pin - which aids the police officers in spotting members of congress. She was also stopped because she ignored multiple efforts by the police officer to get her attention. And while I've heard several women say that she did in fact have a real "hair style" - I think she was stopped party because she looked like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons.

Everything negative that happens to us Black people IS NOT BECAUSE OF OUR RACE!!! We have to realize this! If we spend all of our valuable time running around fighting countless, pointless battles because someone looked at us a certain way, or didn't give us enough fries with our order, or wanted to double check our ID - we will not have the strength and conviction to fight the major battles when true racial descrimination falls upon us.

Congresswoman - Just wear your freakin' pin next time!!!