02 March 2006

And baby makes two...

"I'm pregnant."

Few words in the English language, when put side by side, insight more emotion than, "I'm pregnant."

Those words have a powerful way of bringing true feelings and true character to the surface of people - especially MEN.

When a woman tells a man that she's pregnant, typically she's pregnant with HIS child. These words mean: A part of you is growing inside of me and in a matter of months your life will change forever.

Different men also hear different messages...

Decent, strong, loving, and responsible men hear:

  • I'm going to have a child that I am responsible for,
  • I'm going to have to make sure that I'm a good role model,
  • I'm going to show my child, everyday how much I love him/her,
  • I'm going to do right by my child's mother
  • My child is going to be my legacy,
  • I'm going to be the best MAN and FATHER that I can possibly be,
  • I am going to dedicate myself to this child's well being,

Ignorant, uncaring, low-life bastard cowards hear:

  • That kid ain't mine,
  • She's a ho, that could be anybodies child,
  • Damn, I can't afford child support payments,
  • She only has my mom's address, I'm moving across town,
  • I ain't trying to hear this bullcrap,
  • I only slept with her twice, it can't be mine,
  • I can't get tied down to her and some kid, there's booty out there to get,
  • It ain't mine, I pulled out in time,
  • I'm rollin'' out - that ain't my kid!

'I'm pregnant' is how women learn about the men that they've been giving themselves too. The decent men will stand up and the cowards will run and hide. It deeply saddens me that at that point, its far too late to determine the measure of a man. At this point a new life is in play. At this point, in the worst case scenario, mom is facing single motherhood and dad is about to hit the pavement.

I wish that our women and men would be more responsible with their actions. I wish that more women were smart enough to realize that a man that wants to have an apartment or a house with you and have unprotected sex with you but isn't man enough to marry you is only bad news. These men are doing NOTHING more than waiting for a better ship to come along. And if you happen to get knocked up before that ship comes along, these men are willing to fain interest in you until they can pack their sh*t and leave. HINT - if he won't marry you, but will live with you, and ride bare-back, 9 times out of 10, he's just waiting to leave. Then, baby will make two.


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