03 March 2006

Sadly... "College Hill" is back.

A multi-car crash is an absolutely unbelievable event. It is amazing and awful all at the same time and it is virtually impossible to look away from. It is almost impossible to believe that cars can go airborne. It's hard to get past the sounds of metal crunching, glass breaking and people screaming. It is a horrible, horrible event...

much like COLLEGE HILL.

For those who don't know - College Hill is a BET original program, dubbed "The First Black Reality show." As a response to MTV's "Real World" Black Entertainment Television (BET) has created this pitiful, and usually embarrassing series.

Again, BET proves that it is the voice of Black buffoonery. Whereas MTV grabs 7 or 8 white kids and usually 1 or 2 blacks and sticks them in a swank house in a random city and lets them run wild - BET grabs 8 or 9 college kids from a Historically Black College, puts them in a drab little house and films them setting higher education back 50 years.

The worst part is that BET calls this BLACK ENTERTAINMENT! Exploiting the perfect mix of stupid, horny, self-conscious, arrogant, conceited, and insecure students. Like the previously mentioned car wreck, it's hard to look away because it's impossible to believe that young people that claim to want to the leaders of the future are acting like out of control hookers and hoodlums.

I'm saddened because BET chooses to bring this foolishness and exploitive programming into the very heart of Black higher education- our colleges. This season, Virginia State University is the scene of the crime. As hard as it has been, and is, for blacks to get a higher education - BET should show more respect for our black institutions. But they don't. BET only cares about the bottom line - dollars.

I hate the fact that BET is largely responsible for so many negative stereotypes that people around the world have about black Americans. Its years of hip hop video shows have presented an overwhelming image of the black man as a over-sexed, over-liquored, violent, gold-tooth wearing thug. Our women are largely presented as scantedly-clad, brainless playthings that do nothing more than bounce their asses and open their legs for the thugged-out black man. And, now stepping onto our college campuses they want to try and present our young men and women how seek a higher education in a bad light. When the images from COLLEGE HILL go out across the world, BET would have succeeded in sending out yet another false image of the Black collective. Now, many people [with few counter-images of blacks] will think - "Even the American blacks getting college education are still horny, drunk and out of control."

College Hill is a disheartening program that exploits our young black men and women and harms our racial reputation as a whole. It mispresents so many young blacks that are focused, ambitious, dedicated and mature in their pursuit of higher education, a better quality of life, and a positive impact on the future. BET should be ashamed to call this 'Black Reality TV."

And while College Hill is like a car wreck, I will find a way NOT to watch it! SHAME ON YOU BET!!!


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