01 March 2006

Unclaimed baggage...

Sadly, there is a phenomenon in the black community that is growing out of control. It is...

The abandoned child.

Our young people are destroying the very foundation of the black community. Over 70% of black children are born to single / unwed mothers.

Both our males and our females are destroying our strength, our core and our future - The Black Family Structure.

When our males (I refuse to call them MEN) come across a young ladies, some primal desire to have sex with them kicks into overdrive. It has nothing to do with looks, or with love or with anything of that nature. It is a purely dick-driven desire to conquer that female. No consideration is given to safety or to the potential for an unwanted pregnancy. With AIDS running rampant and unchecked through the black community, it would seem that more men and women would be 'strapping up' and using condoms. But looking at the rise in the number of black children being born to single mothers, they seem to be doing everything BUT 'strapping up!'

The black females are no better than the men! These women are giving no consideration to their health or their futures. These women are willing to lie down with these various men, unprotected, and then when they get pregnant MANY (not all of them) suddenly get stupider or they suddenly get holier -than-thou. They rule out abortion. Yeah! I said it! THEY RULE OUT ABORTION! With many of these women, they are just not ready OR qualified to be mothers. They are often to stupid to realize that the guy that got them pregnant is going to leave them all alone, or they are too stupid to realize that their child is going to be at a huge disadvantage growing up the child of a single mom. Or, they suddenly get holy and feel, "Abortion is a sin! And, I ain't no sinner!" Lo, they forget their seat in the front pew of the Sanctified Mission of the Open Legs Baptist Church.

I think many young women are just oblivious to the fact that once that baby is on the way and the dad splits town or suddenly discovers that he's not ready for a committment, it is the woman that is left with the unclaimed baggage. It must not register to these girls and women that they will bare the burden of parenthood and all that comes with it - ALONE!!!

Now, not all single moms are bad moms, because I personally know some very good ones. But the ones that bother me and hurt the black community the most are the ones that are poor parental role models, the ones that do nothing more than sit at home and breed 4, 5, 6 and 7 kids with 4, 5, and 6 different fathers. These are the worse people in our community. They are creating a generation of unloved, poorly guided, un-supervised, angry, little kids with no ambition and no ability to be anything more than a candidate for the more-than-willing U.S. penal system.

We need to stop the madness! We need to teach our young women to respect and value themselves and to demand that same respect and value from the men in their lives. We need to teach them to close their legs more often and we need to teach
our young men to keep those little ding-a-lings in their pants and work harder at being stronger men and better examples of black pride for our children! Our out of control people are destroying our race and turning our children into unwanted little bastards. YEAH, I said it!


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