24 February 2006


Few things astonish me as much as the US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The United States has been holding hundreds of Muslim men, without formal charges, for much of the last three years. All of these men are alleged to be War criminals or participants in terrorist acts. But the United States has refused to press formal charges and is basically holding these men because no one else in the world can stop us.

Presidential Press Secretary, Scott McClellan was asked recently why UN Representatives weren't allowed to visit and speak with the 'detainees.' His reply was a laughable, "We could not let them visit these people because these are individuals that are trained to lie." SCOTT McCLELLAN SAID THAT!!!! (Are you kidding me?)

The thing that is worse about GITMO, is the fact that if ANY other nation in the world, except for England maybe, was running a detention center of this magnitude - the Bush administration would have gone to the UN a long time ago to start sanctions against the offending nation. But, now - other countries are going to the UN to get them to pressure the US to close GITMO and either charge or release the detainees. The US is obviously ignoring these efforts. The US is funny like that because we ignore the hell out of the UN when they need us to do something, but whenever the Bush Administration needs a 'yes man' to go do its global dirty work, the UN is suddenly this qualified and powerful global force. Otherwise, we have no use for them.

The only thing that scares me to the bone is what happens when the Bush administration decides to start locking up people for blogging negative things against the president, or daring to have an opinion that is contrary to the current presidential regime.

If they lock me up - somebody please come save me!!!

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