22 February 2006

Dubai... or not Dubai? That is the question.

As the sale of P&O Steam Navigation to Arabian – State run, Dubai Ports looks more and more like a done deal, the White House is shedding a little more light on the details. It looks like the Bush administration has known about the deal for quite some time.

Yesterday, Bush fought off a united front of Democratic and Republican Governors and Senators by disclosing some of the assurances his administration had been given by the United Arab Emirates. To me, this clearly shows that he knew this was coming and made no efforts to present it to the nation or the congress.

To make his case even more treacherous, he has vowed to VETO any legislation that congress presents to him calling for a ban on the sale. He has told protesting lawmakers that they should understand that his approval of the deal was final!

This man has no regard for the congress or for the rules of his office!

  • He has ignored documents made specifically for him that may have prevented the 9-11 attacks which left 3000 Americans dead;
  • He then gave specific permission to allow Osama bin Laden's family to leave the country on 9-12;
  • He has twisted intelligence to lead us into a deadly war based on lies and his personal agenda of revenge against Saddam Hussein which has lead to almost 2500 Americans dead;
  • He has publicly called the American wealthy 'his base' and thusly created tax advantages for them;
  • He has consistently allowed Osama bin Laden to escape US forces;
  • He has placed his incompetent cronies in powerful and dangerous positions, like FEMA, and possibly caused the deaths of 1000's of Americans;
  • He has spied, without warrants on American citizens;
  • And now, he is allowing a country that has funneled money and influence for Al Queda to take over 6 of the biggest ports in our country!

George W. Bush has a private agenda and it has nothing AT ALL to do with making America stronger or safer. He is a dangerous man that has done nothing more that make America a global bully and a pariah among its neighbors and former friends. And, now as part of his own personal agenda, he is selling our countries safety to the highest bidder. He is the ruin of the United States of America, and history will show that his eight years in office will be the worst days in our country's history.


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