22 February 2006

Time to step aside...

Yesterday, Sunni insurgents destroyed a 1200 year old Shiite mosque.
Now, I can't imagine losing my church, which is over 125 years old. I'd be angered beyond words! So, therefore I can't begin to understand the rage of losing a religious shrine that was built in 800 AD.

The time has come I think, in Iraq. I think the Sunni's have finally gotten their wish. I think the spark to set off a civil war has finally been ignited. The only problem with that is - our troops are right smack in the middle, and I'm positive that neither side will hesitate to kill our soldiers and Marines to get to the other.
Worse still - the Bush Administration and it's military people at the Pentagon, don't have a strategy to get our troops out, they don't have a strategy for occupation, they don't have a strategy for positioning through a civil conflict, and any efforts at any of these is hampered by a Lame Duck President that is doing nothing more than coddling to the oil industry and trying to sell our national security away to the highest bidder.

President Bush led this country to war for nothing more than personal revenge against the man who, in his own words, "Tried to kill my Daddy..." He, along with Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Rove and Powell marched this country into a poorly planned and thinly justified conflict. All for revenge and oil and becoming a wartime president. The whole time he's promising that democracy will cure all. Well, in my opinion, three years and thousands of dead Iraqii's and American's haven't quite convinced me that democracy will cure all.

Now, tens of thousands of Iraqis - Sunni's, Shiite's and Kurd's stand poised to unleash the most passionate and violent form of war - the civil war. And, as the body count rises - the world will have no one but George W. Bush to blame!

The thing that Bush and his supporters have failed to realize is that while Saddam Hussein was an evil bastard - he was THEIR evil bastard, not ours!!! It was not OUR place to depose him. It was their place! When any nation has had enough oppression, enough corruption, enough pain, and enough suffering - they will find the strength to rise up! And, then and ONLY then, will they have the strength and the unity to rule themselves democratically. It is obvious that the people of Iraq were not ready to be rid of Hussein and they were not ready to walk on their own. Now thanks to Bush, an unprepared citizenry are forced to fight and crawl through the dirt and mud and death and destruction of a fight with their brotheren. The blood of dead Iraqi's and dead American's should stain George Bush's hands forever.


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