16 February 2006

Black Girl on the street.

Recently, I pulled into a 7-11 parking lot and I noticed something strange.

There was this late model Monte Carlo, parked, with its reverse lights on and its horn honking. This white kid came out the 7-11, he was about 17 years old and went over to the drivers side window and said something to the girl in the passenger seat who was honking the horn. He then went back in the store and she started pounding on the horn again. As I walked by I could see that she was a young black girl, maybe 16. He stormed back out, jumped in the car and sped off - running a stop sign. I caught part of his tag number, just incase...

After I got what I needed from the store, I ended up driving up the same street as the Monte Carlo, in this rural neighborhood. I happed to pass this young looking girl walking up street, she looked nervous and sad and was clutching a jacket. The Monte Carlo was heading towards me and made a U-Turn back where the girl was. The white kid jumped out and tried to talk to her. I pulled over to watch what was happening because I now had a bad feeling. When she approached my car, I asked her if she was okay. She looked leery at me but said she was okay. I knew something was wrong, so I was going to offer her a ride home... this girl was young enough to be my daughter, so I was really pissed.

Trying not to look like a stalker or a perv, I pulled up next to her again and asked, "Is that guy bothering you? Is he screwing with you?" The reply she gave me just floored me. Still looking sad she said, "No, I'm alright. He's my boyfriend." Just then, the Monte Carlo sped past me and drove off into the distance.

What stunned and saddened me was the fact that this girl, at 16, has taken the abused woman mindset of, "It's okay, he's my man." Now, I don't know what happened between the two of them and I don't care. She was upset and scared, and granted, she didn't know who in the hell I was, but to her, it was fine for this guy to do whatever he did and to speed off and leave her - because HE WAS HER BOYFRIEND!!! She didn't even call him her ex-boyfriend, or call him a jerk or an asshole or something. To her - he was still "MY BOYFRIEND."

And, this guy just drove off and left her talking to me through the window of my vehicle. He wasn't even decent enough to make sure that I didn't snatch her or whatever. He just didn't care. Even if he was mad at, he should have been man enough to make sure she got back home safely. Either drive her home and not talk and just get her there safely and never speak to her again OR just drive slowly behind her if she wants to walk along an empty street.
This whole thing disappoints me - he was less than a man, and she was allowing him to get away with it, because he was her "BOYFRIEND..." I'm sure that they are together at this very moment, probably pretending to be happy together. In a few minutes he'll disrespect her, or say something mean and stupid and I'm positive that she'll smile shyly and think, "he's just doing that because he loves me. It's okay... he's my boyfriend.

The girls that think this way, grow up to become women that think that way. I hate to see children trying to play dangerous grown up games.

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B. Good said...

Wow, this was SUCH a powerful post. I agree wholeheartedly. Its not right for ANY man to treat her that way, especially a supposed "boyfriend". And at age 16?? She shouldn't be bothered with some boyfriend, she shouldn't even be in the car with random 17 year old speeding down streets and through stop signs.

I'mma pray for the children. I'm so glad that you recognize the incredible wrong in this situation, and I hope that you are in the majority rather than the minority.