20 February 2006

If Bush is for it... it HAS to be bad.

Recently, the sale of the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company to Dubai Ports World was announced.

In a nutshell, this sale will give Dubai, a part of the United Arab Emirates significant control over the port authority's in New York, Newark, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and New Orleans.

President Bush and his administration sees no problem with it, yet lawmakers and anyone with at least half a brain can see the problem. George Bush and his daddy and his family are so deeply in bed with the Middle Eastern Oil Establishment that we should take HIS security clearances! Bush is only giving his stamp of approval to this Dubai sale because it suits the interest of keeping peace with his oil buddies.

What is going to happen if this deal goes through is, things will be fine for a few years. Bush knows deep down in his heart that this country is tired of all of the Republican lies and deceit and underhanded non-sense - so most likely the Democrats will win the White House and the House of Representatives in a few years. By then, this Dubai company will have a series of small administrative / security lapses that will allow some radioactive materials to slip through one or more their 'controlled' US ports. Of course some radical will use this stuff to set of a series of dirty bombs killing an unimagined number of us.

The Democrats, who by the way, will be still trying to dig out from under the half a trillion dollars in debt left over from the Republican party's criminal spending. But the Democrats will be blamed for the lapse in national port security and they will, in classic Democratic fashion - look like complete idiots trying to explain that Bush's administration allowed the sale of the ports in the first place. Republicans will accuse the Democrats of playing the deadly and dreaded "BLAME GAME!" Meanwhile Bush and his crew would be on the college circuit, safely away from the Washington heat, making $500,000 per 30 minute speech.

This sale is reckless. While many can cry - it's wrong, it's racist, it's unfair, it's not right to make these harsh judgments against the United Arab Emirates. I say - YOU'RE DAMNED RIGHT IT IS. I personally don't give a damn who's feelings get hurt by shutting this sale down! I do not want to give access to our key ports to anyone who might even know someone who's thinking about talking to someone who might want to smuggle some nasty shit into my country. I have enough to worry about with assholes, hoodlums, thugs and politicians in the nations capitol, I don't need to add a vanload of C4, plutonium and an electrical timer to my list!


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