10 February 2006

Sword Fallers...

When president Bush sneaked into the White House back in 2000, I knew we as a nation were in bad trouble. But I reluctantly said to myself, "This guy is no President, but at least he seems to surround himself with smart people that know how things get done." So, I wasn't completely terrified - I figured how much harm could he do in ONE TERM?

I'll re-address that "one term" thing in a future entry...

But through all of the adventures... uh, MISadventures that Bush has led us on, I am ever impressed over the loyalty the people around him give him. I mean, whenever shit hits the fan, he has some loyal flunky to push him out of the way and take the stinky brown splatter themselves.

Some examples:
-President Bush knew he only wanted to go to war because history has shown that the United States tends to be forgiving and supportive to a wartime president. He knew he had nothing legitimate to go to war with Iraq for, so he sent COLIN POWELL to the United Nations with a beautiful, yet totally fraudulent power point presentation justifying the lies which lead to war. For the rest of Bush's first term, COLIN POWELL defended his presentation to the world.

-When the truth came out about the Bush Administrations lies that led to the war, CIA director GEORGE TENNANT fell on his sword and allowed his agency to take the blame for 'faulty' intelligence.

-When a Presidential daily brief (PDB) dated Aug. 6, 2001 was leaked and proven to have evidence that may have prevented the 9/11 attacks, DR. CONDALEZZA RICE was quick to step in a take the hit for the President not paying attention to the vital document. She testified under oath, despite some serious challenges by Bush lawyers, and basically said they ALL dismissed the PDB, thus helping Bush dodge a bullet marked "incompetent."

When the name of CIA Operative Valerie Plame was leaked to the New York Times, top level Bush Administrators saw a storm brewing, because Bush Chief of Staff, Karl Rove was in the cross hairs as the White House source. Quickly, Bush Staffers helped find I. Lewis Libby a Cheney advisor, and put him on the coals. Whether he was pushed on his sword, or went willingly, is still a mystery.

When Hurricane Katrina, bore down on the gulf coast, killing thousands and destroying entire cities. The head of FEMA, Michael Brown, a longtime Bush crony and former head of the International Arabian Horse Association, proved to be absolutely incompetent. When Bush started feeling the heat for naming a complete screwup to such an important post, Brownie fell on his sword for Bush, accepted blame and quit.

And now, with illegal wiretaps haunting an already beaten and bruised Bush Administration, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is sharpening his blade. He is already trying to thinly stretch presidential War-Powers as justification for Bush's under the table approval of illegal wiretaps. I think before long, Alberto is gonna lean over and say he knew about the wire taps and gave Bush preliminary approval to use them. Stay tuned.


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