23 February 2006

I need a second...

Thanks for reading my blog...

When I started this blog, I had hoped to write about political issues, race issues, major issues, etc. For the most part - I think I have.

But I need to take a second and step away from Bush, and Iraq, and North Korea, and poverty and the Black family. I need to take a second and ask a question.

Who in the hell REALLY likes CURLING?

I mean, I'm not really big into the Olympics, but it seems that every time I pass them,these people are curling! This has got to be the sport for those people without a single ounce of real athletic talent. You have this person that slides a stone on ice. They only really travel about six feet. Then as the rock slides 30 or 40 feet away you have a lot of yelling (or screaming for the ladies) from two people sweeping the ice frantically in front of the rock. I guess this sweeping is supposed to steer the rock somehow, but none-the-less, I don't see anything happening. Actually, I don't think anything happens with these sweepers - I think its some kind of grand fraud, but I can't prove it.

But this curling crap looks to be the dumbest sh*t I have ever seen in the realm of sports. To me, the kids that participate in spelling bee's are more athletes than these ya-hoo's that do this Curling mess! If anyone reading this can tell me what I'm missing in this psuedo-sport... please E-Mail me at thinkingblackman@hotmail.com.


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B. Good said...

THIS was funny. I don't understand Curling either, yet, I've found myself sitting in front of the television, and watching with great vigor as I tried to get into it, tried to find the point, and tried to find some excitement. Yeah, I have yet to find any of those things. I'm officially lost.

But I sit and watch it every Olympics. Da hell is wrong with me?