12 February 2006

Off to war...

I stumbled across a really good show on the Discovery Times channel.

It's called, "Off to War."

The show is a non-fiction accounting of the 18 month deployment of a National Guard unit from Arkansas to the battlefield of Iraq. Aside from one sticking point I have with this show, I think it is a fine program that gives a good perspective of many of our troops in the field.

My one sticking point with "Off to War" is its lack of diversity among the troops. With the exception of one man, the entire unit is white. I think the opinions would have been better presented if a National Guard unit of blacks, whites, latinos and other ethic groups was presented. Now, I'm not going to harp on that too much, because there may have been a lot going on behind the scenes that didn't involve any kind of conspiracy.

But, the show gives the gritty, unashamed opinions of the US troops based onthe dangers and threats they face everyday. Plus- the live action camera support of the show is absolutely incredible. You are right there through ambushes, mortar attacks, snipers, night patrols, arrests, dancing drunken Iraqi police officers, lying Iraqi colonels, roadside bomb diffusings and unfortunately - death. Whether you are in agreement with Bush's decision to go war or against it, you owe it to our men and women over there to spend some time with them to see what being on the ground is like. You owe it to them to go, 'off to war.'


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Anonymous said...

I would suggest that the lack of diversity in the National Guard unit is because they selected a unit from Arkansas -- I have recently been to the mid-West and unfortunately there was a great lack of diversity. Perhaps a different National Guard unit could have been selected.