13 March 2006

We could always use MORE rappers...

Grammy winning singer/performer USHER will start a program to teach young black kids how to succeed in the sports and entertainment industry.


Okay - I'm a little torn over this.

I'll say I'm 25% for this and 75% against it.

Why am I partially for this? Well, there are millions and millions of dollars to be made dunking basketballs, throwing footballs, cracking jokes on stage, singing in sold out arenas and rapping about your cars and your homies. Many of the young blacks that fall into any of these skill sets don't have a clue as to 'how to be successful.' Sadly, many of them waste their financial gains or they use their earnings to destroy their lives and themselves. Some simply aren't mature enough to change their 'thug' mentality and stop robbing, raping and shooting their way out of the limelight and into the jail cell. So, part of me is glad that USHER might be trying to show young people how to spin their wealth into a decent, respectable lifestyle.

But - Why am I MOSTLY against this?

Because there are far, far too many young black kids that think dribbling a basketball between their legs, or grabbing their crotches while mumbling about 'bitches and hoes' or telling dirty jokes in the back of the classroom is their only way to succeed in life. Too many young black kids lack the drive and the support and motivation to put down the basketball and pick up the text book. Too many young black kids know the hook to the latest Jay-Z single and not enough know E=MC2.

For USHER to devote his time and energy at a time like now, during his peak in popularity in the music industry, I think his idea is sincere and well intended but the message that many young black kids are going to take away from him is: I don't have to study and develop my mind and my intellect - USHER is going to teach me how to be a successful basketball player and/or rapper!

I think our young people need to prepare their minds for the intellectual changes that our people will face in the coming decades and throughout the rest of our newly started century. We must aim ourselves and our children higher than the 10 foot NBA rim, higher than the NFL goalpost and higher than the diamond studded bling of hip hop toughest gansta's! We need to mold them and prepare them for tough roads ahead. This country is quickly moving towards a technology driven society, and for those that want to deny this and refuse to open their minds to knowledge and would rather watch Sportscenter all day or rap about the party at the club and the half naked women - failure is waiting, just around the corner. We need to push them past the free throw line and into the classroom and from there to the board-room.

Survival is of the fittest, we have to ask ourselves are our children going to survive or are they going to dunk and dance their way to self destruction?


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