29 September 2006

The Dumocrats...

I vote as a DEMOCRAT.

I don't do it for any great sense of loyalty or because my parents did it - I vote Democrat because it is the lesser of two evils. I don't trust Republicans and I don't believe that they have the majority of Americans' best interest in mind. And I don't mean just Black Americans, I mean any and every American that earns less than six figures a year. I think the Republicans are classists and eliteist and I don't trust them.

However, for every sneaky and greedy Republican we have on the Hill, we have a weak, confused, self-defeating, desperate Democrat trying to figure out which way is up.

So, it comes down to voting for a nasty Pitbull that will rip your throat out, the first chance it gets. Or voting for a fat and sloppy Bulldog, that usually does nothing but is still worthy of a pat on the head and a wipe of its drool.

But, it's time to kick my Bulldog right square in the ass.

It seems as though a Voters Identififcation Bill recently passed through congress, 228 to 196 - strictly along party lines. With Republicans winning. This Bill requires that all voters present legal state identification when they vote in all elections. Considering that there are over 12,000,000 illegal Mexican aliens in this country, I absolutely think that people should verify their legal citizenship when voting in American elections!

The Democrats don't.

The Democrats feel as though having millions of ILLEGAL Mexicans voting for congress and the Presidency will hurt the Republicans and help them! My basic comment to this is, "How f*cking desperate are the Democrats?" They have to resort to manipulating the balance of power between law abiding Americans and criminal aliens who have snuck into our country illegally. Instead of stepping up to the plate politically and becoming a strong and proud party again, the Democrats are stooping to nothing more than common pandering for votes and power.

Lord knows I hate to side with Republicans, but they clearly understand the dangers that voting without ID present in this country. Our entire political landscape could change over night with 12,000,000 votes for either the worst candidate in offices, or for every Latino candidate, or for any number of predetermined schemes or plans.

This is VOTING we are talking about here! Deciding on who sits on Capital Hill and approves our laws and runs our country... and the Dumocrats don't think people should present an ID when making this decision!

I took a book out at the library last weekend - I needed to present ID!
I stopped by the spot and bought some Heinekins - I needed to present ID! I bought some Gatorade and chicken wings and used my check/Visa - I needed to present ID!

It seems to me, that if insignificant sh*t like borrowing books, buying beer and throwing down on chicken wings involves some for of verifying just who in the hell I am, then it seems like choosing a president should warrant at least the same!

Let me, as a voting American tell you Dumocrats how to start winning Senate Seats, and House Seats and Oval Office Seats - You stop acting like a bunch a pansy's scared to call the Republicans out! When the Republicans do illegal, immoral, and unethical stuff, call their asses on the carpet and do it on CNN, CSPAN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC! You Dumocrats need to stop acting afraid of polls and stats that are spun, reworked and spun again to make you look bad. You need to stop worrying about these dumb-assed undecided voters - fuck them basically - their votes are here today and gone tomorrow, they are naive and worthless. Find your base, reach out to them and say, "I will represent you with unfailing strength and integrity!" The Democrats have not said this since Clinton was in office! You have to reach out to use and make us believe that you are NOT scared of the Republicans, because frankly I think most Democrats are weak, punk-b*tches - scared to stand up to the immoral Republican masses. Show me some f*cking heart! Show us all some f*cking heart!

I believe the votes in this country lie between $30K and $80K a year; between High School grads and the folks with 26 college credits; they lie between the school teachers and the electricans! In other words, the votes to win the major offices in this country lie with the majority of everyday people. Reach out to them and show them your voice and make them believe that you will be stronger tomorrow than you are today! You do this - and AMERICANS will vote for you and you will NOT need to use the votes of millions of criminals.



Anonymous said...

"You need to stop worrying about these dumb-assed undecided voters - fuck them basically - their votes are here today and gone tomorrow, they are naive and worthless. Find your base, reach out to them and say, "I will represent you with unfailing strength and integrity!"

Amen to that!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Thanks Bro-

I feel completely neglected by the Democrats taking make vote for granted! I want to say to Washington - SPEAK TO MY CONCERNS and speak in a Democrats voice! Quit trying to walk the middle line so you won't offend the undecided. If people above the age of majority don't know what direction they want the country to go in - then they need not vote, but if Dem's want MY VOTE, they need to assure me that they have MY best interests in mind.

Peace man-

Anonymous said...

I think you missed the point on this legislation. It is not that voters have to provide ID, it's *which* ID. If the requirement was simply to prove that the potential voter was from the US, a birth certificate (which you get free from the hospital) would be enough.

The republicans were requiring specific kinds of ID, which cost money. The theory was that if a poor person in an urban setting lost his/her passport/driver license, they would not be kicking in another $50 to get another one just to vote. On the other hand, more affluent suburban voters would just go get another. Also, driver license is a State-level document, so who are the feds to require it in order to participate in a federal election?

-another thinking black man from DC area.

The Thinking Black Man said...


I'm not going to say you're wong but - here are my points.

The mass media is reporting the Voters ID Bill as a program that requires legal photo indentification - no where have I read that it is specific to only 'costly' ID's.

(From the Washington Post...)
Under the bill, all states would be required to check photo identification by the November 2008 elections. By the 2010 elections, states could accept only identification that shows proof of citizenship, a passport or a new federal "Real ID" card authorized by Congress but not yet implemented.

God knows I hate to quote Republicans but here goes:

"Every day, millions of Americans show a picture ID to pay by check, board a plane, or buy alcohol or tobacco," said Rep. Vernon J. Ehlers, the Michigan Republican whose committee approved the legislation last week. "Surely the sanctity of the ballot warrants as much protection as these other activities."

However, I did do some checking on this sepcific bill which is HR4844 - the exact text for ID reads:


`(A) REQUIREMENT TO PROVIDE IDENTIFICATION- Notwithstanding any other provision of law and except as provided in subparagraph (B), the appropriate State or local election official may not provide a ballot for an election for Federal office to an individual who desires to vote in person unless the individual presents to the official--

`(i) a government-issued, current, and valid photo identification; or

`(ii) in the case of the regularly scheduled general election for Federal office held in November 2010 and each subsequent election for Federal office, a government-issued, current, and valid photo identification for which the individual was required to provide proof of United States citizenship as a condition for the issuance of the identification."

And with regards to poor people, there are provisions for that situation which state:

(a) Requiring States to Make Identification Available- Section 303(b) of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (42 U.S.C. 15483(b)), as amended by section 2(a)(2), is amended--

(1) by redesignating paragraphs (4) and (5) as paragraphs (5) and (6); and

(2) by inserting after paragraph (3) the following new paragraph:


`(A) IN GENERAL- During fiscal year 2008 and each succeeding fiscal year, each State shall establish a program to provide photo identifications which may be used to meet the requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2) by individuals who desire to vote in elections held in the State but who do not otherwise possess a government-issued photo identification.

`(B) IDENTIFICATIONS PROVIDED AT NO COST TO INDIGENT INDIVIDUALS- If a State charges an individual a fee for providing a photo identification under the program established under subparagraph (A)--

`(i) the fee charged may not exceed the reasonable cost to the State of providing the identification to the individual; and

`(ii) the State may not charge a fee to any individual who provides an attestation that the individual is unable to afford the fee.

`(C) IDENTIFICATIONS NOT TO BE USED FOR OTHER PURPOSES- Any photo identification provided under the program established under subparagraph (A) may not serve as a government-issued photo identification for purposes of any program or function of a State or local government other than the administration of elections."

So, you can say what you want - as an American citizen - I do NOT want illegal aliens voting for my political officials! I'm sorry if some poor Americans don't get ID's or some lazy American's don't want to take the time to get an ID, that's too bad. But I can't accept 12 to 20 millions illegals choosing our leaders!

Is this Aaron?

Anonymous said...

Good catch then. I had not read the text of the Bill, particularly 4B. I hope they implement that statute fairly. I suppose I had only heard the Dems "spin" on their reason for opposition. Their had been a constant comparison between this and the "Poll Tax" that limited our people from voting in the south.

Somebody linked to you once from another of the blogs I follow. DailyKos maybe? So, I check in on you every now and then.

I'll go by "Mal" if I comment again, to make things easier.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Thanks Mal-

I appreciate your comments! I appreciate all comments, even the ones that make me double check myself! : )

I agreee completely with hoping the implementation of standards for poorer people are applied fairly. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you would be checking an old thread, but I thought I would attach the following from USAToday: http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2006-10-10-voter-registration-laws_x.htm

It's directly relevant to your post -- goes back to the notion that this is targeted at the poor and minority communities.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, MH = Mal.