01 September 2006

Staying the course...

SOMEONE ASKED A MARRIED COUPLE if they were going to have children. The husband quickly proclaimed, "Oh, we haven't decided yet." The wife nodded agreement with a strained smile. It was then that someone whispered to me with obvious disappointment, "Not to decide, IS to decide." I thought that comment was extremely poignant.

This "not to decide" psuedo-strategy is exactly what President Bush has been traveling around the country and selling to American's with his "Stay the course" approach to the war in Iraq.

To President Bush, he feels as though our troops should stay in Iraq until his replacement takes office. This of course, takes the onus off of him and his administration to come up with an exit strategy, something they should have had before the first bombs were dropped on Baghdad. He and his administration were so anxious to start racking up billions in war expenses and creating the newest War Time President - they never came up with a plan to leave Iraq. Now, he's telling the world that getting our troops home, is not his problem. Still no one is rioting in the streets of DC. No one is trying to impeach this man!

The second part of this Decision Not To Decide - Bush trys to sell this, "If we don't fight them in Iraq, then we'll have to fight them here in the streets of America." This is simply a crock of lies. Our being in Iraq serves no benefit to our country. Our men and women are dying bloody deaths in the sand blown streets of Iraq virtually everyday. Innocent Iraqis are murdered daily by bombs, bullets and blades all at the hands of radical, angry, demented insurgents. They just want us gone and frankly I'm all for leaving their asses alone. Let the Sunni's, Shiites, and Kurds have their own little three way civil war! That's where they really want to fight - I say, lets get out the way!

Since Bush launched this "War on Terrorism" the world has only gotten more dangerous. Terrorists have found the perfect training ground for their bomb makers, snipers, planners, spies, scouts, foot soldiers, etc. These insurgents are killing people everyday with only cosmetic resistance from Iraqi forces and strangled US forces. Our men and women are nothing more than sitting ducks for these insurgents whose killing skills get better everyday. Thanks to President Bush, Dick Cheney, Donny Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Robby Gonzalez and Karl Rove the world has become more threatened and more vulnerable to terrorism.

Staying the course and deciding not to decide is going to do nothing more than get more of our troops killed, ruin more American families, cost 1000's more Iraqi's their lives and allow countless more terrorists to get better at what they do.

Thanks Mr. President. Thanks for YOUR course.



Anali said...

I agree completely. I keep wondering why more people aren't talking about impeachment. This President has caused more damage to this country than I think we will ever even begin to know. There have been a few cities scattered around the country that have voted on Resolutions regarding impeaching him, but they have been laughed off in the media. I cannot think of anything less funny and more appropriate.

The Thinking Black Man said...

You know,Anali

Impeachment is the very reason that I'm not voting for Michael Steele in the Maryland Senate race.

Steele is saying some good things, but ALL politicians sound great during the run to election time. But I just can't be a part of putting a Republican in a Senate seat! The Democrats HAVE to win either the House or the Senate to have a REAL chance at impeaching George W. To me, it is more important to get Bush out of the White house than it is to get a Black man into the Senate.

Sorry, Mike.