04 September 2006

The twenty third - Number Two Guy...


Now we can make some real progress in this War on Terror!

No, no... Not Mohamed Hamdi Al-Ahdal. He's the number two al qaeda guy that we caught in Yemen in 2004.

No, no... I'm not talking about Abu Azzam the number two al qaeda guy in Baghdad that was killed in a shootout with US and Iraqi forces in September 2005.

Um, well no... I wasn't talking about Ayman al Zawahiri the number two al qaeda deputy that was killed in a US airstrike near the Afghan border.

Well, see, I'm not uh, talking about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi the dreaded number two al qaeda guy that was blown up on June 7th in a US air strike north of Baghdad.

The uh, dude I was talking about was Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi, also known as Abu Humam or also known as Abu Rana or also known as Abu H.R. Puffinstuff, who was arrested a few days ago.

I've noticed that we have caught, killed, shot and blown up about twenty three "Number Two Guys in al qaeda" in the last three years! I can't help but think one of two things:

ONE: The absolute worst job on the whole damn planet is being "The Number Two Guy in al qaeda."


TWO: The Bush administration is believing its own hype. I say DAMN all these second level bastards - bring me Osama bin Laden's head on a platter. I simply think we are killing and capturing people in al qaeda and we're slapping all these snazzy titles on them because they look good in print. Nobody gives a damn if we blow up Osama's hair stylist, but by the time the Bush crew finishes spinning things, suddenly we have "Al Qaeda's number two man in Doo Doo Poo Poo, Iraq (which is south of Baghdad I assume).

Enough with the number two hype! Let's get al qaeda's number ONE guy, okay! Let me see Osama's ass in handcuffs or stretched out on a slab. But no more of these second tier scrubs. Please.



O-FACE said...

Its election season....Time to get everybody scared....Actually if you think about it the republican base is scared now because people are starting to wake up to hocus pocus policies of the administration. But I wouldn't be surprised if a national disaster is allowed to happen inorder to get some votes....Besides, how can you brag about capturing Al-Queda when we all know you funded and supplied them back in the 80's????????

Kris said...

Your post was magnificent. I would love to comment more on the particular topic but I am so tired of this publicity stunt that we call a war that it makes my head hurt. And no I'm not saying the 9/11 and the other bombings were a stunt, I am responding to the reaction and inaction of the US government... okay maybe I did comment on the topic a tad.


The Thinking Black Man said...

What's up O-Face?
(Great name! I use that hook from Office Space all the time!)

I think Bush and his team aren't even trying to to be slick anymore. They are completely transparent. It's almost as if they figure, "Why bother, we're outta' here in two years anyway!"

Yeah, CIA kept Osama and the Afghan Mudjahadeen laced with cash, guns and Stinger missles during Reagan and Bush I. Saddam Huessein too, now that I think about it!

Thanks for the comment!

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Kris-
Thanks for the comment AND compliment!!!

Yeah, this war is a publicity stunt gone REAL bad. Bush and his administration are so blinded by the black gold under that Middle-Eastern sand they can't see that the streets of Iraq are running red with American blood!

Just wait until October, right before the elections - something else is going to happen involving al qaeda and Bush will come out waving the Republican colors and yelling, "Nobody can handle TERROR like WE can handle TERROR! Vote Republican!"

They're all sneaky, underhanded, greedy, bloodthirsty, lying - jokes!

Peace My Sista-