27 January 2006

Aaron's a lap dog...

To me, there are few crimes bigger than wasting the talent that God gives you.

Now, you have some people that never discover this talent – they are excused.

But then you have people like Aaron McGruder who has the talent of artistic drawing and critical thinking. Both of which he combined to create the edgy, witty, insightful and groundbreaking comic strip "The Boondocks." I'm not ashamed to admit that I was a big big fan of The Boondocks when it first came out. I even went to Aaron's website and left him a shout out in his guest book. I even cut out a few of his strips and taped them to the back of my office door, where they'd mainly be seen by me only.

But then, the Cartoon Network asked him to sell his soul. Sure – they didn't say it THAT way, but the offer was made – tucked in the fine print, clauses, and pay days that surrounded his ascension to the world of animated incarnations. Aaron signed on, and has done nothing but made the Cartoon Network top-brass fat and happy from his ratings.

But it is these ratings that have sealed his fate and his doomed soul. The Boondocks show has done nothing but leave intelligent blacks scratching their heads wondering were that talented Aaron kid had gone. The show, which is driven by bizarre, thin, asinine storylines, is nothing more than a n*gga-fest. All you hear is n*gga this and n*gga that. It's a tragedy. A pure, Greek-fuckin'-Tragedy. And, this past weekend's episode with Dr. Martin Luther King coming out a coma and calling a crowd of blacks, "N*ggas!" It simply shows that Aaron McGruder has sold out and taken the low road to entertainment fame.

Now, I'm sure folks, including McGruder are going to say, "It was just for entertainment… People are upset over nothing… I was just trying to bring to light another side of the N word… yadda yadda, whatever."

The bottom line is this. We in the black community have only a handful of historical heroes and Dr. King is at the top, if not – then damn close to it. Aaron McGruder, to promote his stupid little TV show is resorting to nothing more than shock value to get people talking about it. He is showing that his prime is past and he is now a little lap dog for The Cartoon Network. He is something to be petted and patted and fed little treats for running around in circles to make his masters laugh and grin. Aaron – like EVERY GOOD LAP DOG, knows his place and he knows that if crosses the wrong line he will be punished. He knows that America loves to watch black folks tear each other down and ridicule one another. He knows that he can make a mockery of Dr. King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, W.E.B. DuBois, and others… who cares? Cartoon Network is still going to appear on each of his checks. But let him try… let that n*gga try and start clowning white folks… Ronald Reagan, Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Natalee Holloway ... The white people in this country would take up arms against him so fast, that he'd have to go hide in Bahrain with Michael Jackson. And, god help every black person if Aaron ever speaks harshly against the people of Israel!!! If Ariel Sharon's name ever came out of Huey's lips... the Mossad itself would put a bounty on his head!!!

Shame on you Aaron McGruder. You have disappointed The Thinking Black Man.

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