30 January 2006

The Dell 5000 - India is Luvin' it!!!

I read today that DELL will be creating 5000 new jobs in India in the near future.

I'm pissed off about that.

I'm typing this damn blog on a DELL. I love my DELL, but I am growing more and more ashamed of its manufacturer. I have a LINKSYS wireless router in my home and LINKSYS (Cisco) just like DELL loves to create jobs for the people of South Asia.

I hate calling DELL and LINKSYS for help! I'd almost rather have a root canal with no pain killer that stumble through the English language with Ahpu a half a world away when my hard drive is frozen. Of course, Ahpu doesn't tell me his true name - he answers my call with a cheery mid-western accent saying, "Hulloo! This is Chad! Operator 5656! How can DELL help you today?"

These tech companies are clearly concerned with nothing more than their bottom line! They are passing up jobs for Americans all to keep a little more cash in their own pockets. In the process, the quality of their services is dropping and the number of unemployeed Americans is going up and their DELL bank accounts are getting fatter.

Quite frankly, I'd pay a little extra for stuff, knowing the American workers were producing and supporting the product! I used to brag to everyone about my DELL, and tell them to consider buying one, but since DELL is more concerned with saving bucks by hiring Ahpu... I think I'm going to tell my friends to do their research before they buy - and only support those companies that support the American worker!


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Native Son said...

Man I have an HP and everytime I call tech support, I get someone from overseas. Outsourcing is the new corporate monster. Not only have outsourced customer serivce, but accounting firms are outsourcing their financial services to India as well. Your taxes could be emailed to someone in India and then sent back to the firm here in less then minutes. Some hospitals are outsourcing x-ray serivces to India as well. Bring bak the jobs so that Americans can find work.